Who does the Teva Meacham cater to?

The Meacham is built primarily for adventurers who enjoy light hikes. Besides the obvious, however, the sandal in question also caters to the following:

  • For heel strikers – Its springy midsole comes with an additional cushioning element (a.k.a. Shoc Pad) that further reduces shock on impact.
  • For water hikers – With its hydrophobic upper and outsole that is engineered specifically for wet surfaces, the Meacham is a dependable tool in and around water.
  • For folks who have had enough with stink – The entire sandal is engineered with Microban—an antimicrobial treatment that minimizes the growth of odor-causing bacteria. It also prevents mold buildup.

Teva Meacham vs. Hudson

In this sandal head-to-head, the Meacham finds a rival in the Hudson. Their differences are as follows:

Weight. In this round, the Meacham has the upper hand by being lighter than the Teva Hudson by roughly 60 grams.

Upper. The Meacham comes with a mostly mesh upper, while the Hudson leather. Between the two Teva hikers, only the Meacham has a pull loop at the heel.

Takeaway: Choose the Meacham if you need more agility in your step and if your hikes happen mostly in wet environments. On the other hand, opt for the Hudson if you wish to hike in a leather pair that looks and feels reassuringly solid.

Facts / Specs

Use: Light Hiking
Features: Strappy
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Teva
Construction: Strappy
Material: Rubber sole, Mesh upper / Fabric
Season: Summer

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