Who should buy the Teva Gateway Mid

The Teva Gateway Mid is a lightweight, eco-friendly and breathable hiking shoe best recommended for:

  • backcountry adventures and urban jungle outings during the summer days
  • day hiking, light backpacking, urban hiking excursions on well-maintained trails.

Teva Gateway Mid Teva

Lightweight and protective

The Gateway Mid’s straightforward construction and clean (almost futureproof?) design just might be enough to make you a new believer.

Teva Gateway Mid Lightweight and protective

It is lighter than several of Teva’s finest hiking sandals. And since it is a boot, you will also get decent protection against mildly abrasive hazards in it.

Gateway Mid delivers solid navigational control 

Embedded in its plush midsole is a supportive shank. With it, your every step has a spring to it, making rugged terrain traversals safer and more efficient.

Teva Gateway Mid delivers solid navigational control

The generous helping of grippy ridges on its outsole (front and back) allows for better navigational control during ascents and descents.

Insufficient cushioning

Since it comes with light padding on the inside, you might need to wear extra-thick socks to give your feet extra cushioning.

Teva Gateway Mid Insufficient cushioning

While it has some protective overlays, they might not be enough for more serious scrapes and bumps.

Provides extra heel support 

A patch of thin leather reinforces its back. This provides wearers extra heel support while keeping the shoe’s weight at a minimum.

Teva Gateway Mid Provides extra heel support 

You will be gliding across level/flat ground in this, thanks to its rockered heel and forefoot. With soft, open-cell polyurethane integrated with the platform, this boot delivers a springy feel in every step.

Restrictive toe box: not for wide feet

Several testers from both gender camps are convinced that the Gateway Mid is too narrow.

Teva Gateway Mid Restrictive toe box: not for wide feet

It could use a bit more stiffness underfoot. According to an owner, the shoe’s upper around the instep wrinkles up instead of lying flat when pulling on the lace for a tighter fit.

Ecofriendly and comfortable

With 65% recycled polyester mesh utilized in the shoe that is breathable, it keeps the feet cool and comfortable. This boot is quite capable of keeping stuffiness at bay.

Teva Gateway Mid Ecofriendly and comfortable

Numerous hikers are impressed with the Teva Gateway Mid, calling it “very comfortable.” 

Precise fit

The Gateway Mid is an exemplar of lightness, a statement with which many trail-goers agree. Almost everyone who has reviewed this shoe finds its confines impressively true to size.

Teva Gateway Mid Precise fit

Verified purchasers, especially women, adore the stylishness and fashionable design of this Teva hiker.

Teva Gateway Mid 

With a mid-rise construction that offers blister-free comfort, the trail-ready Teva Gateway Mid shoe is an adaptable hiking boot adventurers can wear for day hikes and road trips alike

Teva Gateway Mid Teva Gateway Mid 

Do you need more ankle freedom in place of extra collar security? Check out the Gateway Low

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 284g / Women 255g
Use: Day Hiking, Light Hiking, Urban hiking
Cut: Mid cut
Features: Lightweight / Eco-friendly / Orthotic friendly / Breathable / Removable insole
Waterproofing: Water repellent
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Teva

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