Teva Gateway Mid: Is it worth a try?

The Gateway Mid’s straight-forward construction and clean (almost futureproof?) design just might be enough to make you a new believer. That said, before you rush out and get yourself a pair, pore through its highlights and few caveats below.


  • It is lighter than several of Teva’s finest hiking sandals. And since it is a boot, you will also get decent protection against mildly abrasive hazards in it.
  • Embedded in its plush midsole is a supportive shank. With it, your every step has a spring to it, making rugged terrain traversals safer and more efficient.
  • The generous helping of grippy ridges on its outsole (front and back) allows for better navigational control during ascents and descents.
  • A patch of thin leather reinforces its back. This provides wearers extra heel support while keeping the shoe’s weight at a minimum.
  • You will be gliding across level/flat ground in this, thanks to its rockered heel and forefoot.


  • Since it comes with light padding on the inside, you might need to wear extra-thick socks to give your feet extra cushioning.
  • While it has some protective overlays, they might not be enough for more serious scrapes and bumps.

Additional info

  • Need more ankle freedom in place of extra collar security? Try the Gateway Low


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