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8 reasons to buy

  • A large percentage of Teva Alp buyers were quick to regard this sandal as stylish beyond compare.
  • This strappy hiking gear is as light as a feather, according to numerous owners. One of them even forgot that he was wearing his Alps on one occasion.
  • As far as comfort is concerned, the Alp is simply unequaled, based on a considerable number of reviews.
  • Many wearers from both gender camps were greatly pleased with the sandal’s versatility. They found other uses for it beyond hiking, such as walking, biking, kayaking, and even backyard parties.
  • Although sleek by design, the Teva Alp is a durable piece of hiking footwear, according to several long-time Teva patrons. A father among them didn’t have to replace his original pair until after 25 years of regular use.
  • The Teva Alp impressed a number of owners with its straps for giving them a secure enough lockdown even when wet.
  • A few users applauded this sandal’s highly configurable set of straps.
  • This hiking sandal performs well in water, according to a small number of individuals.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Many wearers harshly criticized it for being too narrow.
  • The Teva sandal’s ankle straps fell short of a handful of owners’ expectations. They said that even when the straps in question are set all the way in, they couldn’t get a tight fit.

Bottom line

The Teva Alp takes its ball game when it comes to comfort on a whole new level. It is impressively lightweight and surprisingly durable, considering its rather slender profile. Its addictively stylish design also makes for a kind of sandal users can wear for casual activities on top of hiking. It is a shame, however, that its default width a sizable number of users found too restrictive. All things considered, despite its narrowness, the Alp is a sure winner with its combination of supercharged features.

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Good to know

  • A '90s classic reintroduced, the Teva Alp stays true to its roots yet now comes with a strong emphasis on durability. Compared with its former self, this version—though still a minimalist when it comes to looks—has been re-engineered to have an overall “bombproof” build.
  • The lightness of the sandal is mainly attributed to its water-ready polyester webbing upper. Its straps are thinner and have increased in number, offering better lockdown security than the previous version.
  • Its cushy EVA midsole provides comfort and adequate shock absorption, while the reinforced rubber outsole grants enough traction over urban and outdoor surfaces.

The Teva Alp is a strappy hiking sandal designed for both male and female outdoor adventurers. It has a trio of configurable straps, and each may be set according to the wearer’s desired tightness and fit.

Thanks to its simplistic yet resilient rubber outsole, the Teva Alp can provide traction on various surfaces, whether indoors or outdoors. A big contributor to the outsole’s grippy characteristic is its low-profile, triangular lugs. These protrusions cover almost the entirety of the sole’s underside for an all-around kind of traction.

For cushioning and ground protection, this strappy hiking footwear comes with a sleek yet sturdy midsole. It is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)—a porous material akin to rubber when it comes to springiness and durability. This kind of material gives the Alp a lasting midsole, one that balances comfort and performance within its confines. Its forefoot zone is rockered—a feature that promotes better mobility, particularly during toe-offs.

Adding to the comfort level of the sandal is its built-in (non-removable) footbed. It has a textured surface that prevents underfoot slippage.

The component that primarily makes the Teva Alp ultra-lightweight is its webbing upper. Chiefly made of polyester, its slender straps—with their ends securely embedded within the midsole unit—are tough against abrasive elements, mildew, and most chemicals. These straps are also hydrophobic in that they effectively disperse water (thus they dry quickly), allowing wearers to ford through shallow streams and the like without slowing them down.

Serving as strap adjust points, the lower buckles are made of a sturdy plastic material. The clip mechanism conjoining and securing the ankle straps is made of the same plastic material. However, this mechanism, unlike the lower buckles, can be unfastened fairly easily for convenient on and off.

  • Wash the Teva Alp by hand in warm water with the aid of an antimicrobial soap to rid it of dirt and stain. Let it air dry. Do not wash the sandal by machine.
  • If after washing the Alp odor persists, soak it in a solution containing 1 cup of antimicrobial mouthwash and 2 cups of water for 15 minutes. Scrub it with a soft bristled brush, then let it air dry.


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