Tenaya Oasi notable features

-The Tenaya Oasi is a climbing piece designed to provide advanced climbers with a balanced performance for indoor and outdoor send attempts. Its vegan-friendly synthetic upper contains TXT-treated cotton lining to create a comfortable in-shoe environment.

-It has a double midsole made of GI 1.8 and TST 150 layers to give both support and sensitivity. The rock shoe’s 3.5 mm-thick Vibram XS Grip rubber outsole supplies wearers with enough traction on tricky surfaces.

-Tenaya integrated its trademarked SXR Dynamics into the Oasi. It uses the shoe’s sole and overall structure to deliver power and precision. Moreover, it also employs Tenaya’s RB Range X technology to supply the user with dynamic responsiveness during a send attempt.


Downturn. The Oasi from Tenaya is an aggressively-downturned climbing shoe. Its construction provides precision to aid climbers achieve a secure foothold on difficult situations, such as tiny nubbins and micro-edges.

Applications. This Tenaya rock climbing piece is ideal for vertical and overhanging routes. It is also designed to work in all sorts of bouldering.


This Tenaya offering is low-top rock climbing shoe for male and female climbers. Its synthetic microfiber upper is lined with TXT-treated cotton to prevent it from stretching too much. It is built using a medium-asymmetric last. Moreover, the brand’s Draxtor Velcro closure system helps wearers get a customized fit over various parts of the shoe.

The Oasi’s toe-box angle allows the user’s heel to sit lower to give an improved feel and control. The shoe’s bi-layer Lycra tongue wraps around the foot for a snug and comfortable fit.


Midsole. The Tenaya Oasi (men’s and women’s) offers underfoot support, thanks to its double midsole made of GI 1.8 and TST 150. A TST multi-layer Stretchtex insole sits on top to give extra comfort underfoot. A patented SXR Dynamics technology is embedded into this rock shoe to render power and precision.

Outsole. The Oasi employs a Vibram XS Grip rubber outsole. Its 3.5 mm thickness is designed to deliver ground adherence on most types of rock surfaces.


The Tenaya Oasi’s upper is made of vegan-friendly microfiber and lined with TXT-treated cotton. Its Draxtor closure system employs a pair of hook-and-loop Velcro straps for fit management. The toe box contains several punctures for breathability. A two-layer Lycra tongue supplies added comfort to the wearer. On the back, a pair of pull tabs are found to facilitate easy on and off into the shoe.

Tenaya Oasi vs. Mundaka

Tenaya is known for manufacturing some of the best climbing shoes in the market. Among their offerings is the Mundaka. Shown below are some of the differences that set it apart from the Tenaya Oasi and a set of similar components they share.

Application. The Tenaya Mundaka is built for buyers who prioritize sensitivity and precision to perform delicate moves. It is also suitable for those who want to tackle boulders or overhanging walls. Similar to the Mundaka, the Tenaya Oasi, as seen in the content above, can also tackle overhanging and vertical routes, as well as bouldering projects with ease.

Closure. Both the Mundaka and Oasi employ Tenaya’s Draxtor closure system. These climbing pieces use a pair of hook-and-loop Velcro straps to give wearers a personalized and secure fit.

Downturn. These Tenaya offerings come with an aggressive downturn. This type of curvature is ideal for users who climb overhanging and steep routes

Outsole. The Tenaya Oasi and Mundaka feature a 3.5 mm thick Vibram XS Grip rubber outsole. The surface of this component is engineered to stick on a variety of rocky surfaces and help climbers achieve a foothold on them.

Midsole. The Mundaka uses a double midsole made of GX 1.4 and TST 131. The component’s two-part design enhances the shoe’s capacity to adapt to most types of rocky surfaces. It is also engineered to provide precision and sensitivity during a climb. The GI 1.8 and TST 150 midsole of the Oasi, on the other hand, offers reliable underfoot support.

Fit. According to Tenaya, the Mundaka is the widest-fitting shoe in their catalog. Its design holds the wearer’s heel and arch snugly. The proprietary Draxtor closure system and five-layer tongue grants a glove-like fit to the user. Its TXT-cotton lining also prevents the shoe from stretching. Meanwhile, the Tenaya Oasi’s fit is snug and comfortable with its bi-layer Lycra tongue. It uses the same type of closure system to achieve a personalized fit.

Upper. The Mundaka and Oasi are vegan climbing shoes, primarily because of their microfiber uppers. They are also lined with TXT-treated cotton to create a comfy in-shoe environment.

Additional Info

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