Tenaya Inti notable features

-Part of Tenaya’s Balance Pro Line, the Inti renders high performance in sport climbing and bouldering. Its microfiber upper comes with a TXT-treated cotton lining creating a cozy interior. 

-Providing an ideal blend of stiffness and sensitivity is the 2D PLT 10 midsole. It works with the shoe’s Vibram outsole that takes care of adherence over different rock types.


Downturn. The Tenaya Inti has a moderate downturn. This profile encourages all-around performance in a comfortable package. The asymmetrical shape yields maximum toe power. 

Applications. The Inti is a powerhouse rock shoe from Tenaya. It can be used for technical bouldering, slabs, and overhangs. It is configured to overcome micro-edges and slick crags.


The Tenaya Inti is a unisex rock climbing shoe. This shoe is built using a narrow and low volume last. With its internal lining, the stretch is kept to a minimum. The dual hook-and-loop closure assists in fit customization.


Midsole. This Tenaya rock shoe carries a TST multi-layer stretch tex insole. It is paired with a medium-stiff 2D PLT 10 midsole. These two elements promote support when stepping into tiny nubbins, thanks to their sensitivity. 

This product employs the brand-owned SXR Dynamics. This feature improves ground responsiveness by creating a system that allows the foot to move with the shoe. 

Outsole. Featuring a Vibram XS Grip (4 mm) outsole, it is able to stick to slabs and cracks. It allows climbers to smear and hook effectively.


The brand designers use microfiber lined with TXT-treated cotton in the upper of Tenaya Inti. This combination yields a comfortable feel, whether climbing at the gym or crag. Wrapping the base of the upper is a sturdy rubber rand that heightens the shoe’s durability. Additionally, its Velcro closure system and dual heel tabs make on and off easy.

Tenaya Inti vs. Tenaya Ra

These Tenaya rock climbing shoes, the Inti and the Ra, has a lot more similarities than differences. Both offerings are okay for all-around use. Their uppers are made of microfibers with cotton linings that make stretch almost non-existent. Making them stick to the ground are Vibram rubbers that are both 4 mm thick. 

Making the Inti and Ra different from each other is their volume. Tenaya’s Inti is shaped using a narrower last and accommodates a low volume foot (for more details, see Fit section above). The latter, the Tenaya Ra, is designed with a mid-volume and mid-width shape. 


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