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If Rihanna's song Diamonds were made into a shoe, it would unquestionably be the ravishing Maxima-R from Steve Madden. Peppered with fab rhinestones all over, this running-inspired sneaker will turn heads from a mile away, whether or not you like the attention. Fair warning, though: it favors slim feet more than anything.


  • Definitely eye-catching
  • Comfy through and through
  • Minimal break-in
  • More attractive in real life
  • Sparkly to the max
  • Quite supportive
  • Clean finish
  • Grippy


  • Could be roomier
  • Tricky access
  • Makes noise on tile floors

Who should buy the Steve Madden Maxima-R

The Steve Madden Maxima-R brings glitz and glamour to the sneakerhead's table. Purchase it if:

  • You think it's high time to move away from simple and basic to shiny and chic.
  • Sporty sneakers that go loud with embellishments are what you're after.
  • On some days, you have no choice but stand and walk around for long periods.

Steve Madden Maxima-R buy

Who should NOT buy it

Devoid of fit and access issues, the Gucci Flashtrek might be a better pick than the Steve Madden Maxima-R. Also, consider the Nike Air Max 95 if you're looking for a quieter pair.

Steve Madden Maxima-R no

Cuteness overload

Scores of sneaker fans are astonished by the Maxima-R's beauty. Two of the best takes about it are "they are showstoppers" and "absolutely gorgeous."

The rhinestones adorning the shoe's stylish upper are, of course, the star of the show. One reviewer says, "the sparkles in this shoe is life!" Another wearer says, "love the bling on the shoe!"

Steve Madden Maxima-R beauty

Max comfort in the Maxima-R

This stellar Steve Madden piece is also a raker of comfort-related remarks. Take a look at the following:

  • "The comfort is amazing!!!"
  • "Super comfortable."
  • "They feel really good."

Its confines also mold to your feet quickly, leaving you with a comfy fit a few short hours after wearing the shoe for the first time.

Steve Madden Maxima-R comf

Even more stunning in the flesh

Quite a number of reviewers applaud the chicness of the Maxima-R in the actual. One of them says that it's "much prettier in person."

Steve Madden Maxima-R IRL

The Maxima-R's cramped interior

Those with wide feet might find the Steve Madden Maxima-R a little too narrow overall. "It’s like squeezing the crap out of my foot," said one wearer. "These suffocated my poor toes!" said another.

Steve Madden Maxima-R tight

On a related note, the featured sparkly shoe, based on reports, is somewhat challenging to put on. Its ankle cuff could be a bit wider, according to a Steve Madden fan.

Listen to it stick

When it comes to surface traction, you might have a love-hate relationship with the Steve Madden Maxima-R. On the one hand, the featured kick provides more than enough tenacity on most surfaces, giving you assurance with every step.

On the other hand, the shoe's outsole makes a sticking noise on tiled floors. Wearing out this component with repeated use will lessen the sound it makes, so be patient and give it some time.

Steve Madden Maxima-R stick

Excellent support in the Steve Madden Maxima-R

It has "all the support I can get in sneakers," says a non-professional reviewer. Another sneakerhead says that the Maxima-R has "great arch support."

Steve Madden Maxima-R supp

Quality workmanship in every pair

People are floored by the high level of detail on the Steve Madden Maxima-R. The comments "I am pleased with the quality" and "well-made" support this statement.

Steve Madden Maxima-R finish