Our verdict


Steve Madden Click, aka the casual look transformer, set foot on the sneaker world with one thought in mind: to slay! Its versatile design is not the only reason it is perfect for daily wear, but also its crazy on-foot feeling, not to mention its quick slip and zip closure.


  • Comfortable all-day
  • Soft insoles
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Flattering on the legs
  • Adds a little bit of height
  • Perfect for jeans and dressy fits
  • Super stylish


  • Narrow fit
  • Slightly heavy

Who should buy the Steve Madden Click

This zipper sneaker is a must-cop if:

  • You are insecure about your height, and a sneaker that will make you appear taller is just what you need
  • You are always on your feet for the whole day 
  • Your outfits lack a pop of fab and sophistication.

Steve Madden Click steve-madden-click-zipper-closure

Who should not buy it

Look away if you need a roomy pair, and instead, check out Vionic Brinkely. If you want a super lightweight sneaker, Ecco Soft 7 Low Cut Zip Bootie is the pair suitable for your needs.

Steve Madden Click steve-madden-click-forefoot

Tight-ass fit

The golden rule in this wedge sneaker is to size up! Many suggested a half to a whole size up, depending on the kind of socks you plan to wear, thin or thick. One said this in dismay: “I have a bunion and these are non-forgiving.” 

Steve Madden Click steve-madden-click-heel-midsole

Taller height, longer legs

If you want extra height but the not-too-out-there kind, this sneaker was said to provide a “nice lift without anyone noticing.” Fans loved that it added a slight amount of height with a hidden wedge. Also, it apparently elongates legs, so looking taller was assured.

Steve Madden Click steve-madden-click-collar

Steve Madden Click got the comfort covered

Comments revealed that Madden Click got them throughout the day. Reviewers attested that walking in it was a breeze. The following is some of their feedback:

  • “Wore all day with no problems” 
  • “Extremely comfortable for a teacher who’s on her feet all day!”
  • “I can be on my feet all day, and my back doesn’t hurt and my feet don’t hurt!”

Steve Madden Click steve-madden-click-insole

Its insole was allegedly so comfortable to step on that it is perfect for everyday trips.

Stress-free outings

Due to its easy-to-wear feature, fans found this sneaker trouble-free for daily shenanigans. One stated that “it’s practical to take off and put on,” and others couldn’t agree more.

Steve Madden Click steve-madden-click-tongue

Jeans’ best pal

It appears like the sneakerheads’ pairs of jeans finally met their soulmate with Madden Click. This “very chic” wedge goes well with jeans, verified by multiple testers. 

Steve Madden Click is a wee bit heavy

One gripe of some was its not-too-light load on the feet. They felt quite heavy for some, and one noted that the pair was a tiny bit heavier compared to short booties.

Steve Madden Click steve-madden-click-outsole

Leveled up sneaker

Fans claimed that this “hip” and “heckin stylish” sneaker elevated their looks from just casual to dressier casual. In terms of style and versatility, some thought Madden Click was better than the usual sneaker looks. One even commented: “they make you feel like you are dressed up instead of just wearing your sneakers.”