Size and fit

Because of the leather laces that it comes with, one can easily get the impression that this is like a normal canvas sneaker. However, knowing the urgent call of the sea, the brand created these sneakers to have a slip-on feature for the fastest on and off wear. This model comes exclusively in women’s sizing.

Sperry Crest Vibe Style

Because of the sea of available canvas sneakers, most think that it is not an exciting pair to discuss. However, it remains to be a wardrobe staple for most because of its versatile and minimal design. The Sperry Crest Vibe comes in four colorways—gray, white, navy, and oak. All of which are suitable enough to pair with almost any clothing included on the wardrobe effortlessly. Whether one's going to the beach or the mall, these sneakers will fit right in.

Notable Features

Despite its simplistic design, it still cannot be removed from the brand its reputation for using premium materials and quality craftsmanship. The Crest Vibe sports a vulcanized construction, something that is common among skateboard shoes, to ensure that the bond on the outsole and the upper is done securely. This is much durable than using glue. One of the downsides of this type of construction is that the shape becomes too flat and in turn, uncomfortable. Sperry however, remedies this by placing a removable PU molded footbed which provides comfort and arch support.

Sperry Crest Vibe History

Inheriting and sharing his family's passion for sailing, Paul Sperry was often seen navigating from coast to coast. After a near-death experience from slipping and falling from a slippery deck, he became motivated on starting another quest of creating a non-slip boat shoe. After a series of experimentation with different rubber combinations, Paul found an unexpected inspiration from his dog. Walking easily on snow, he took notice of the grooves on the paws. 

Paul adopted this on the rubber outsole and realized that the zigzag herringbone pattern, which is now known as "siping," worked well in providing traction on slippery surfaces. It led to the birth of the first Sperry Top-Sider.

Since then, although the brand Sperry banked on its boat shoe, it also produced different silhouettes but still retained the performance that is expected from it.

Additional Info

  • The outsole is made of a non-marking rubber outsole which provides the grip needed for everyday wear.
  • The laces of the Sperry Crest Vibe are made of genuine rawhide laces inserted on rustproof metal eyelets.


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