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7 reasons to buy

  • Comfort: Majority of the reviews affirm how the Specialized Torch 1.0 feels pleasant in all-day rides.
  • Stylish: A lot of owners find this road bike shoe very appealing.
  • Modern closure: Being rarely seen on models in this price range, the BOA dials are greatly appreciated by plenty for its efficiency.
  • Great value: Most buyers say the Torch 1.0 shoes have an excellent performance-to-price ratio.
  • High quality: Several purchasers appreciate its excellent craftsmanship and quality.
  • Breathable: A couple of wearers find the pair to be well-ventilated.
  • Versatile: Some users wear it on their Peloton classes, and say it enhances their performance.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Lacks arch support: According to a couple of testers, they have had to change to customized insoles to feel supported.
  • Cleat changes: Longtime Specialized fans who have used this pair's older version were bummed that the cleat design changed from SPD to Look Delta.

Bottom line

The Specialized Torch 1.0 is the brand's enhanced version of 'entry-level shoes.' It is considered an affordable offering that has acquired the company's high-end road bike shoes' performance and Body Geometry technology. The result is a comfortable, efficient, and budget-friendly footwear.

Despite a few subjective and minor flaws, the Torch 1.0 ticks all the boxes and is a good option for Look Delta users.

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Specialized Torch 1.0: An advanced entry-level road shoe

Defying the rule book of what an entry-level bike shoe should be, the Specialized Torch 1.0 offers the same feel, performance, and quality in a more budget-friendly package. It is considered one of the most feature-packed beginner road bike shoes in the market.

Who is it for? The Torch 1.0 is a road cycling shoe recommended for roadies who value the following:

  • Beginners who are looking for an efficient shoe to start with
  • The pro adjustability and look of a BOA closure
  • Excellent value for money
  • Fans and users of this model’s earlier version who are willing to switch/try Look Delta cleats
  • Cyclists who value style and love color options to choose from

Updates from its former version

Specialized’s popular and highly-rated entry-level road shoes underwent a major overhaul in 2020. The brand redesigned its most successful beginner shoe and applied more high-end features. What are the updates?

The most apparent change is the loss of the three-Velcro-strap retention system and the commuter-friendly two-bolt SPD cleat fitting:

  • the straps have been replaced by a BOA L6 dial for on-the-go micro-adjustments
  • the SPD cleats replaced by three-bolt Look Delta.

In conjunction with the BOA, the brand’s Body Geometry technology is also added to provide a more comfortable fit. It is also said that the newer offering has shed about 50g a pair.


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