Who should buy

  • Sneakerheads who want warm and durable kicks for the winter.
  • People who are in need of waterproof sneakers to use every day.
  • Those who are looking for a lightweight yet supportive all-around shoe. 

Sorel Kinetic RNEGD Caribou sorel-kinetic-rnegd-caribou-profile

Who should not buy it

Go for Kinetic Lace for a grippy alternative that doesn’t run narrow. Or check out the Kinetic Impact Strap. It requires little-to-no break-in and it is also not narrow-fitting. 

Sorel Kinetic RNEGD Caribou sorel-kinetic-rnegd-caribou-toetip

All-day comfort from Sorel Kinetic RNEGD Caribou

Reviewers praise how comfy the sneaker is. “It is soft and very comfortable,” a tester commented. One tester noted that the cushion in the heel is amazing while another reviewer “couldn’t believe how soft the interior of the shoe is without socks.”According to a sneakerhead, the kicks are “very comfortable for standing and walking for 4-5 hours.” “Comfortable to wear all day!” exclaimed another reviewer. 

Sorel Kinetic RNEGD Caribou sorel-kinetic-rnegd-caribou-sole-tip

Size up for a perfect fit

Several testers noted that Kinetic RNEGD Caribou is narrow. According to a sneakerhead, “they’re a little tight in the footbed.” The kicks are “great for people with narrow feet!” they added. Other reviewers recommend sizing up. One tester who went up half a size said there’s “plenty enough room to wear thick socks.” A sneakerhead bought a full size up and said that “the fit is perfect” because they have room to wear thick winter socks. 

Sorel Kinetic RNEGD Caribou sorel-kinetic-rnegd-caribou-toebox

Take some time to break them in

According to the reviews, the sneakers require breaking in. A sneakerhead shared that they’ll break in after wearing them for the fourth or fifth time. One tester said they almost regretted buying the trainers but said that “after the break-in period, it truly is the most comfortable shoes” they ever had.  

Sorel Kinetic RNEGD Caribou sorel-kinetic-rnegd-caribou-counter

Sorel Kinetic RNEGD Caribou has excellent support

A tester noted that aside from being comfortable, the kicks “surprisingly have a lot of arch support.” It gives full support for the foot and heel, commented a reviewer. Another tester said, “the foot support makes [them] feel like a freaking kangaroo when walking/ prancing.” “It's wonderful!” they added. 

Sorel Kinetic RNEGD Caribou sorel-kinetic-rnegd-caribou-midsole

Lightweight and durable sole

The chunky outsole of the kicks sticks out at the back “but doesn’t look bulky”, said a sneakerhead. Plus, they are actually lightweight. It feels like “walking on air!” commented a tester. “Perfect weight and really durable sole,” said another reviewer. But despite being durable and lightweight, one sneaker fan shared that “the only downside is that the sole has no real grip.”

Sorel Kinetic RNEGD Caribou sorel-kinetic-rnegd-caribou-sole

Keep your feet warm for the winter

The kicks are warm and “perfect for rainy winter days,” noted a sneaker fan. They “keep your feet warm and dry,” said a tester. According to a hiker, they are great in the snow, rain, and mild weather. The kicks are also cozy even without socks, as emphasized by several reviewers. 

Sorel Kinetic RNEGD Caribou sorel-kinetic-rnegd-caribou-cage

Sorel Kinetic RNEGD Caribou is waterproof

Aside from being stylish and comfy, “being waterproof is also a big plus,” a sneakerhead pointed out. One tester said they took the sneakers on a rainy trip and their feet stayed nice and dry. “I can wear these for my walks and not be afraid to get them wet,” a hiker added.

Sorel Kinetic RNEGD Caribou sorel-kinetic-rnegd-caribou-side-panel

Kinetic RNEGD Caribou is your all-around shoe

Fans are using the sneaker for all sorts of things. Some use them for walking, others for hiking and a lot of different everyday stuff. Here are some of the comments:

  • “Great travel shoe to mountain towns when you can only bring one shoe.”
  • “This is a great casual boot! Easy to slip on to run errands.”
  • “Great for hiking or just an everyday shoe.”

Sorel Kinetic RNEGD Caribou sorel-kinetic-rnegd-caribou-sole-heel

Facts / Specs

Style: Chunky, Sneakerboots
Top: Mid
Inspired from: Hiking
Collection: Sorel Kinetic
Closure: Laces
Material: EVA, Rubber Sole, Leather, Suede
Season: Winter, Fall

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