So iLL Momoa Pro notable features

-The So iLL Momoa Pro is a direct response to climbing enthusiasts whose wish is to ascend in a rock climbing shoe that promises all-day comfort. It is a product that combines sensitivity and support, thanks to its slip-lasted construction and stiff enough midsole.

-It comes with a highly tensioned rear rand for enhanced heel hold. For multi-directional slip resistance, on the other hand, the shoe in question sports a proprietary outsole, called Dark Matter.


Downturn. The So iLL Momoa Pro is built without a downward camber, making it a neutral climbing shoe. Together with its rigid construction, the flatness of its profile gives climbers enhanced edging capabilities. Neutral kicks like the Momoa Pro can deliver lasting comfort, allowing wearers to take on multiple pitches without taking them off.

Applications. This So iLL offering caters to climbers of all skill levels (beginner to advanced). It is mainly used for sport climbing and bouldering. Senders may use it both on gym walls (indoors) and rocky surfaces (outdoors).


The Momoa Pro from So iLL is a low-top unisex climbing shoe. Men can get it in their actual street size, while women might want to go down a full size and a half. According to the brand, beginners may need to size up (either half or full) to get the best possible fit in it.

Inside the shoe’s straight confines, the foot needs not to bend inward, and pressure between the arch and the forefoot is expected to be minimal, if not non-existent. As it comes with a mostly synthetic upper, it might provide only a little stretch-wise. Its instep-hugging strap-based closure delivers a customized fit.


Midsole. The Momoa Pro’s stiffness can be linked largely to its heavy-duty midsole. It comes with sufficient rigidity to support the foot during more strenuous forefoot maneuvers.

Outsole. This climbing shoe relies on its brand-exclusive Dark Matter outsole for underfoot traction. It has a full-on construction, covering the entire underside of the shoe.


So iLL’s Momoa Pro comes with a below-the-ankle synthetic shell. A lone pull loop is stationed at its heel for on-and-off assistance. The rand covering its forefoot, which transitions to the shoe’s grippy toe patch, uses the Dark Matter rubber technology. Enough randing also reinforces the shoe’s rear section for heel-hooking security.

Rounding out all things upper in the Momoa Pro is the gear’s Velcro closure. It consists of one lengthy strap with hook-and-loop fasteners and a set of beveled buckles.

Nice to know

-The featured shoe is named after the actor Jason Momoa. The triangular pattern on its strap is inspired by the said actor’s arm tattoo (Niho Mano), which is a Polynesian design.

-This climb-centric piece is vegan-friendly, which means all of its components do not contain any kind of animal substance.


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