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6 reasons to buy

  • Tons of buyers sing praises for how comfortable the Skechers Work: Squad SR was for all-day wear.
  • This mesh-top walking shoe is breathable, says multiple owners.
  • Those who suffer from foot, leg, and back pains claim that wearing this model eased their discomfort.
  • A lot of folks have stated that this trainer lasted more than 6 months of everyday use.
  • Plenty of reviewers enjoy that it is easy to slip on and remove.
  • According to numerous shoppers, this work footwear is quite stylish.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Several people are not impressed with the outsole because it caused them painful falls.
  • A few users wished that the midsole of the Work: Squad SR was thick like the other Skechers walking shoes.
  • A couple of wearers claim that this footgear needs to be broken in because it was a bit stiff at first.

Bottom line

The Skechers Work: Squad SR is the go-to walking shoe for people in retail and the service industry. It is very comfortable to wear, and the slip-on design is a welcome feature. However, despite being branded as having a non-slip outsole, a significant number of people suffered from slips and falls while wearing this model at work. On the upside, it passed the Electrical Hazard Safe test.

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