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The all-around women’s Skechers Ultra Flex impresses the crowd with the wonders it does to foot. The sneaker is easy to slip on for everyday wear. Additionally, the all-direction comfort of the Ultra Flex supports the active lifestyle of the ladies. Flex it on your adventures, workouts, or even in the office with its fashionable silhouette. Its flexibility makes it a practical addition to anyone’s wardrobe.


  • Dressier than most white tenny shoes
  • Cloud-like cushion
  • Absorbs impact
  • Perfect for dressing up or down
  • No break-in period required
  • Stable for all-day wear
  • Airy for summer days
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Among the cheapest sneakers


  • Easily gets dirty
  • Limited colorway

Who should buy the Skechers Ultra Flex

Don't write off the Ultra Flex from Skechers if:

  • you're looking for a clean yet stylish addition to your OOTD
  • you're looking for a tennis-inspired kick
  • you're looking for a breezy shoe for hot days
  • you're looking for a sneaker that can keep you cozy the entire day

Skechers Ultra Flex skechers

Who should NOT buy it

Don't buy the Skechers Ultra Flex if you're looking for something that doesn't get grungy easily. Instead, get the Nike Court Legacy. And if you want a shoe available in more colorways, get the Nike Air Max Excee.

Skechers Ultra Flex upper

Hey there, good lookin'

Hordes of reviewers find the white Skechers Ultra Flex more attractive than most white tennis shoes. They even say they've received a handful of praises while wearing the Ultra Flex. 

Skechers Ultra Flex design

Pampers the feet

Wearers describe their walking experience as "like walking on clouds." The shoe's midsole is so fluffy and soft; they didn't have to break it in. According to them, upon step-in, their feet got acclimated with the shoe.

Skechers Ultra Flex soft foam

Even more, the midsole does "excellent" impact dampening. 

Keeps you steady and supported

The Skechers Ultra Flex, although very cushy, has sufficient underfoot support. So much so, sneakerheads swear they can wear it the entire day.

Skechers Ultra Flex midsole 

Can match any ensemble

Whether you want to keep it lowkey or you want to up your fashion game, almost everyone agrees that the Skechers Ultra Flex is a perfect match. 

Skechers Ultra Flex look

With its clean and straightforward design, it's a certified stunner. 

No more sweaty feet with the Skechers Ultra Flex

Due to its upper’s material, the ladies can enjoy wearing the Skechers Ultra Flex on hot summer days.

Skechers Ultra Flex breathability

Putting it on and off is a cinch

Thanks to its stretchable collar and sock-like fit, this shoe doesn't require a lot of fuss when worn. Even better, its upper is very stretchy; it follows the natural shape and contours of the foot for a glove-like wrap.

Skechers Ultra Flex lockdown

Price that doesn't break the bank 

It only retails for $65, belonging to the most budget-friendly sneakers on the market. 

Skechers Ultra Flex budget-friendly

Beware of stain

The Skechers Ultra Flex quickly gets dirty due to its white colorway, according to several critics.

Skechers Ultra Flex upper wrap

Limited colorway

A handful of sneaker fans express their desire to make a repurchase if Skechers releases the shoe in other tones.

Skechers Ultra Flex clean

Skechers Ultra Flex highlights

Skechers Ultra Flex has an as simple as possible profile without compromising the quality of the shoe. With its uncomplicated design, wearers should take note of the following :

  • Machine washable. Although the pair gets easily dirty due to its white colorway, users effortlessly clean it by throwing it in the washing machine.
  • Pseudo laces. The shoe does not have functional laces, which includes this Skechers sneaker to the slip-on category. The laces only serve as an aesthetic to the pair.

Iterations of the women’s Ultra Flex from Skechers

Skechers released other models of the Ultra Flex. Some of these models are not really far from the silhouette of the Ultra Flex, in terms of looks, materials, and other features.

Here’s among the well-known versions of the shoe:

Skechers Ultra Flex - First Take - It does not feature the non-functional laces that the Ultra Flex flexes. This model is among the top-rated Skechers walking shoes.

Skechers Ultra Flex - Statements - Similar to Skechers Ultra Flex, the Statements model flaunts non-adjustable laces. However, unlike the Ultra Flex, this version is not machine washable.