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7 reasons to buy

  • A majority of the consumers remarked about the comfortable build of the Skechers Sparta 2.0 TR.
  • Many reviewers noted that the shoe fit as expected.
  • Plenty of fashion-conscious users were amazed at its stylish aesthetics.
  • Numerous testers shared that the trainer seemed to be well made with quality materials and craftsmanship.
  • A few buyers were impressed by the support that this pair of workout shoe provided.
  • Some purchasers thought that it gave good value for what it’s worth.
  • Those who suffered from plantar fasciitis found that the footwear offered pain relief for their condition.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Most detractors griped about the model’s lack of durability, with multiple reports of the midsole, upper, outsole, inner lining, and shoelaces breaking down after several months of use.
  • A large number of critics complained about the discomfort that they felt from the shoe and that it required a break-in period before it became comfortable.
  • Various naysayers were conflicted about the fit; some felt that it was too tight and small while others believed that it ran too big.
  • Several testers reported that the outsole had insufficient traction, especially on wet surfaces.
  • A scant amount of criticisms were directed to the shoelaces getting untied easily.

Bottom line

The Skechers Sparta 2.0 TR gained considerable positive reviews for its comfortable and well-crafted construction, true-to-size measurements, and fashionable design. However, there were those who had problems with the quality as many of the parts easily deteriorated after a few months. The wearers also had clashing views on the fit. While the model was praised for its good fit, some users experienced inconsistencies. It was also deemed uncomfortable during the first couple of uses. Overall, the trainer’s positive qualities still outweighed the negatives, and it was generally considered a good training companion.

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Good to know

  • The Sparta 2.0 TR is a low-cut Skechers athletic workout shoe that has a classic sporty design. It is claimed to be a more comfortable update to the original. It has an upper made from smooth action leather, mesh, and synthetic materials for protection and support. Several overlays wrap around the shoe for style, support, and durability.
  • The air-cooled Memory Foam runs the full-length of the sole for breathable cushioning. It conforms to the contours of the foot for a personalized feel.
  • It employs a midsole that offers shock absorption. It is made more supportive and sturdier than its predecessor.
  • The outsole is more heavy-duty as it is made to deliver high traction on all types of rugged terrain. It retains its flexibility that promotes natural foot flexion.

The Skechers Sparta 2.0 TR is specially created to accommodate the foot shape and biomechanics of men. It follows the standard US training shoe sizing scheme, with available sizes ranging from 6.5 to 16. Consumers can choose between the two width options: D - Medium and 2E/3E - Wide.

The Skechers Sparta 2.0 TR has a durable bottom that is made for use on all types of rugged terrain. The brand promises that it delivers high traction for a secure foothold regardless of movements or surfaces. It also has a flexible form that grants freedom of movement to the foot.

The midfoot has been raised to provide enhanced arch support. It also steadies the foot.

The Skechers Sparta 2.0 TR utilizes a supportive midsole that stabilizes the foot during dynamic and explosive footwork. It also protects the foot from shock and prevents potential injuries caused by impact.

The air-cooled Memory Foam insole gives a cushy yet breathable experience throughout the length of the sole. It also conforms to every nook and cranny of the sole for even coverage of cushioning.

The Skechers Sparta 2.0 TR uses a combination of leather and synthetic materials for a balance of comfort, protection, and support. It features mesh panels to allow air to circulate within the foot chamber.

The synthetic overlays reinforce the high-wear areas of the footwear. The toe and heel overlays serve to protect the upper from damage, while the medial ones improve lateral support.

A traditional lace-up closure secures the trainer on the foot. It also boosts lateral support further since it strengthens the sides as the shoelaces are pulled tighter.

The tongue and collar are padded to protect the skin from chafing and irritation. They are also meant to make the shoe fit more snugly.


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