Who should wear the Skechers Skech-Air Extreme 

Designed as a cross-training shoe, the Skechers Skech-Air Extreme features a variety of technologies to meet the needs of training enthusiasts. It is a solid option if:

  • You work long hours and need a shoe that stays cozy and convenient to wear over extended periods.
  • You have a wide foot dimension and are looking for pair that accommodates such foot profile well. 

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Abrasion-resistant outsole

The Skech-Air Extreme uses two types of outsole materials. The first is made from rubber and is found in the heel and toe areas. This compound is made to be durable and flexible. It is also filled with tread patterns that provide traction.

Skechers Skech-Air Extreme Outsole1

It extends towards the front of the shoe to protect the toe area against abrasion and impact.

Skechers Skech-Air Extreme Outsole2

Lightweight and durable platform

The full-length midsole of the Skech-Air Extreme is designed to be lightweight, durable and able to reduce the shock.

Skechers Skech-Air Extreme Midsole1

At the heel section is a transparent rubber chamber that contains columns and pressurized air. When pressure is applied, the columns contract while the pressurized air absorbs the impact, allowing the heel cushion to recover quickly and be ready for the next landing.

Skechers Skech-Air Extreme Midsole2

Breathable insole

The shoe also features an Air Cooled Memory Foam insole. This lightweight footbed conforms to the contours of the soles of the foot and provides shock absorption. It is also breathable, so it prevents the inside of the shoe from getting too warm.

Skechers Skech-Air Extreme Memory Foam2

The Skechers Skech-Air Extreme's upper

The Skechers Skech-Air Extreme utilizes a one-piece, flat knit mesh. The fabric uses two weaving styles that have different functions. The midfoot portion uses the breathable and stretchable pattern, while striped design provides support in the lateral and medial areas.

Skechers Skech-Air Extreme Upper1

Snug lacing system

A traditional lace-up closure keeps the foot locked down in place while also serving as a means to adjust the fit of the upper.

The lightly padded tongue protects the instep from friction when the user tightens the laces. It also keeps the top of the foot comfortable by preventing the laces from digging into the skin.

Skechers Skech-Air Extreme Lacing System

Anti-chafing rearfoot section

The slightly plush collar keeps the ankle supported and prevents it from chafing. It also secures the back of the foot, preventing it from accidentally slipping out while in motion.

Lining the interior is a smooth fabric that delivers a comfortable in-shoe feel. It also allows the foot to glide effortlessly in and out of the shoe.

Skechers Skech-Air Extreme Collar

Facts / Specs

Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Heel height: Men 32mm
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Skechers
Colorways: Black / White
SKUs: 011 / 100 / 51490BBK / 649 / CHAR / NVBK / OLBK

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