Our verdict


Delighted with the stylish design and durability, the wearers of the Skechers Satisfaction - Flash Point applauded the shoe. While this footwear may have received mostly favorable reviews, its inconsistent width, inadequate cushioning, and the chafing issue with the collar upset a few consumers. Despite the negative reviews, it still came as a highly recommendable pair, thanks to its versatility and comfort.


  • Versatile
  • True to size and width
  • Trendy design
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Inconsistent width dimension
  • Collar issues
  • Not enough cushioning

Who should buy the Skechers Satisfaction - Flash Point 

The Satisfaction-Flash Point is Skechers' offering for men in the fitness community who wants a versatile athletic trainer. As part of the  Skechers line of workout footwear, this shoe is a solid choice if:

  • You are looking for a shoe that is comfortable to wear on many types of activities such as walking, working out, and running.
  • Your fitness routine involves workouts that require multidirectional as well as dynamic movements.

Skechers Satisfaction - Flash Point Logo1

The Skechers Satisfaction - Flash Point's sole unit

As often seen in Skechers shoes, the midsole of the Satisfaction - Flash Point also serves as its outsole. It is hard-wearing, so it does not get easily shredded when training or walking on pavements.

The underside is adorned with a tread pattern that supports multi-directional movements. They also enhance the traction offered by the outsole.

Skechers Satisfaction - Flash Point Outsole

Shock-absorbent midsole

A soft foam cushioning makes up the midsole of the Skechers Satisfaction - Flash Point. This compound absorbs shock and prevents the foot and the joints of the lower extremities from getting injured. It also provides steadiness during exercise.

Skechers Satisfaction - Flash Point Midsole1

Inside the shoe is the Memory Foam insole. This component conforms to the shape of the underfoot, delivering maximum support and coverage.

Skechers Satisfaction - Flash Point Insole

Breathable upper

The Skechers Satisfaction - Flash Point employs mesh, synthetic, and leather materials for its upper. Two types of mesh appear on the upper: an open mesh that promotes breathability appears on the forefoot, and a closed type that supports the foot is used on the quarters. The inside of the trainer is covered with soft fabric that prevents seams from causing any discomfort.

Skechers Satisfaction - Flash Point Upper1

Reinforced high-friction areas

Synthetic overlays reinforce the high-friction areas such as the toe box and the eyestay. They form panels at the forefoot and quarter that get drawn closer to the foot, enhancing support when the laces are cinched. At the back, a leather overlay forms an external heel counter that holds the rearfoot steady during dynamic movements.

Skechers Satisfaction - Flash Point Overlays1

Snug lacing system

The trainer employs a traditional lace-up closure that allows fit adjustment. The padded tongue has a single slot where the lace passes through, preventing it from sliding to the sides. The tongue keeps the instep comfortable and free from irritation from the laces.

Skechers Satisfaction - Flash Point Lacing System

At the back, the plush collar holds the foot down, preventing accidental shoe removal while training. The soft lining provides comfort and prevents chafing.

Skechers Satisfaction - Flash Point Collar1