2.359 users: 4.5 / 5
2 experts: 90 / 100
Weight: Men 290g
Closure: Laces
Outsole: Spikeless
Style: Athletic

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6 reasons to buy

  • A massive amount of commenters gush about the comfort that this trainer provides. Its cushioned sole gives a similar feel to a sneaker. 
  • The non-aggressive design of the bottom gives apprehension to many. However, it is dispelled as it performed fantastically on hilly and wet grounds.
  • Some of the testers praise the design of the laces. Aside from delivering stability, they also prevent foot slippage. 
  • A couple of users commend the brand for the GO GOLF Elite v.3's outstanding construction. 
  • The waterproof feature and the warranty are found useful by several users. 
  • A few buyers declare that it is an excellent buy at an affordable price.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A handful of commenters mention that it needs to be broken in as they have contacted blisters and soreness after the first wear. 
  • A small percentage of users complain about the quality of the trainer. Some of these issues include the sole separating and water stains.

Bottom line

The Elite v.3 is an easy crowd favorite because it provides the comfort that is needed by golfers. Its performance does not stop there. Players took note of each element of the shoe as it improved their game. The low-profile spikeless construction amazed skeptic users because it served its function as a fantastic golf shoe. Along with its impermeable upper, this Skechers trainer works across different types of courses and weather. 

A few reviewers, however, were not completely satisfied with its performance. However, generally, many said that they would recommend this product.

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The third version of the Skechers GO GOLF Elite brings charm on the golf course. Compared to the previous versions, many changes were injected into this update. 

Almost every part of the Elite v.3 is applied with some twists. The upper gets a more premium treatment by trading the previous canvas material with full-grain leather. Not only does it affect its style, but also how the shoe feels when worn. 

For the midsole, it is equipped with Resamax technology instead of the usual Goga Max insole that is used in many Skechers performance shoes. The outsole also has something to boast as it is given a GoImpulse Sensor. The different directions of the nubs allow maximum traction that mimics the grip of spiked shoes.

Overall, the shoe displayed significant improvements from its past model. These style and technology tweaks result in a drastic increase in one's game.

Acing the Base. The bottom of the shoe is clad with a spikeless outsole. It is made of a TPU plate that is infused with GoImpulse Sensors. This technology has multi-directional traction control. Even without the spikes, the shoe can still get a hold of the ground without damaging the greens. 

The nubs of the outsole are also ideal enough to balance traction and easy maintenance. They are aggressive but not deep enough to keep the dirt and debris on the crevices. The material of the outsole is also durable and flexible, a win-win for everyone.

If this Skechers trainer has to boast about one thing, it would be comfort. A lot to do with this is the blend of technologies placed on the midsole. 

High five for 5Gen. The shoe's midsole uses the 5Gen cushioning system. This lightweight and responsive foam is a well-known technology of the brand as it can be seen on some of its running shoes. 

Max performance with Resamax. Completing the dual-density cushiony goodness is the Resamax technology. It draws in comfort and support. 

Drop it low. The shoe is crafted with a low drop design. It keeps the foot close to the ground, which is advantageous for the golfer because it gives him more foot control.

Sleek for the slick. The smooth leather upper makes up most of the exterior of the Skechers GO GOLF Elite v.3. It is complemented by a breathable air mesh lining which keeps the foot cool at the same time. 

Shielded in the field. The trainer ensures that the golfer keeps his head in the game, instead of his foot. It is coated with Skechers H2GO Shield. The technology prevents the foot from getting wet. Because of this, the third version of the Skechers' Elite is suitable for all-weather play. 

Fit. The trainer is crafted with a heel lock design. It is targeted to give stability and a secure fit, especially when planting a mighty swing.

One of the most significant modifications done for this trainer is the use of a premium leather upper. It elevates not only the feel of the shoe when worn but its look as well.

Despite leaning the modern and contemporary look, the shoe manages to exude an aura of timelessness, versatile enough to carry through different seasons and weather.

Another way to note about the Elite v.3 is its minimal style. The shoe shies away from oversized logos and keeps everything clean and pristine. The sidewalls of this Skechers item is deco-stitched, which creates an accent and texture.

  • The Skechers GO GOLF Elite v.3 comes with a 2-year waterproof warranty. 
  • This shoe is the official shoe of Colin Montgomerie, a champion golfer from Scotland.

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