Size and fit

First-hand cushioning is provided by the Memory Foam insert which conforms to the pattern of the foot with frequent use. This insert lies above a super lightweight shock-absorbing midsole. Looped laces administer a snug fit and secure lockdown.

The tongue and the collar are also padded for smooth entry while the lining is composed of soft fabric for a pleasurable upper hug. The D'Lites are available in both men’s and women’s sizing.

Skechers D'Lites Style

Sporting the D'Lites is tricky at first but once discovering the right nick to it employs the sneaker to be a go-to option for everyday activities like doing errands or using it to work. The busy stitching design and radical shapes give it dimension and a sporty look which is complemented by smooth leather overlay patches. From afar, one can immediately notice the ruggedness of its outsole which implies a unique appeal.

Notable Features

Aside from the Trubuck leather overlays, textile underlays complete the look of the sneaker. A wave-like shape can be observed with the midsole that is opposed by six pairs of lugs protruding on the outsole. Some of the colorways for women include sparkling accents on the laces and the midsole. An "S" Skechers logo is positioned on its lateral panels.

Skechers D'Lites History

Since its establishment in 1992, Skechers has continued to produce footwear for lifestyle purposes. Their years of shadowing global brands like Nike and Adidas paid off in almost a decade of catering to consumers aged 5 to 40. But before there was Skechers, LA Gear was the first love of Robert Greenberg.

Greenberg, who founded LA Gear, decided to start another company on May 29, 1992, that was initially intended to distribute Doc Martens shoes. After almost a year, his interests suddenly shifted to creating his line of foot apparel which primarily includes skate shoes and utility cleats. 1993 was a breakthrough year for the California brand and was the time when the Chrome Dome was introduced to the market.

The Chrome Dome was a spark plug entry and promoted a notion of gender availability. The sneaker was made to be worn by both men and women which projects a grunge vibe, an image that was famous at the time. Soon after, the company began enlisting celebrity promoters like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, and many others who boosted their popularity more.

In the mid-2000's decade, Skechers began producing comfort-bound footwear that gave birth to several franchises. One of these continuing lines is the Skechers D'Lites which can now be found in numerous renditions of style and construction. The semi-bulky image of the D'Lites attracted a following of both men and women who sought out a functional silhouette for their everyday casual wear.

Nice to know

  • Trubuck is a human-made material that resembles Nubuck.
  • The D'Lites is available in another iteration which does not include Memory Foam.
  • Some versions either feature "D'Lites" labeling or "D'Lite" depending on the colorway.
  • A subtle Skechers lettering is blended within the curved accent on the lateral side of the mid shank.


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