Giro men's and women's size chart

Giro footwear is based on the EU sizing scheme. This can cause confusion when converted to the US sizes.

The brand notes that all its sizes are rounded to the nearest half-size in US, which causes some repeated half sizes.

To get an accurate size in Giro bike shoes, we highly recommend measuring your foot length accurately. Then consult the chart below to check which size is more likely to fit you.

Giro men's and women's size chart

Size and fit tips for Giro bike shoes

Cycling shoes are meant to be snug, close-fitting, and slightly tapered around the toes. At the same time, it’s equally important not to experience any constriction or pressure.

If you purchase Giro shoes online, we strongly advise keeping all the packaging and receipts to save the opportunity to exchange the size if needed.

Road shoes vs. MTB shoes

The type of bike shoes also affects the way you feel them on the foot. Road shoes from Giro are supposed to feel like a second skin, while the brand’s MTB shoes should have a little wiggle room as you will also walk in them.

Width options

Some models are available in a wider fit (E in the industry standards). The brand marks them as “HV” (high volume) as they offer slightly more room inside the shoe.

Various Giro models

Finally, each individual model can have its peculiarities too. We collect all the feedback from real cyclists and experts who purchased Giro shoes to give you an idea of how they fit. This information is available on our product pages for Giro Emprie, Giro Privateer, and many other Giro cycling shoes.

Already have a cycling shoe from another brand that fits you like a glove? Check which Giro size it is most likely to correspond to:

Giro men's size chart
Giro women's size chart