Clarks men's and women's size chart

Is Clarks true to size? That depends on multiple factors, including the type of footwear you normally wear, as well as the brand, and style.

To increase your chances of getting the right Clarks size, we highly recommend measuring your feet and consulting the chart below.

Tip: If you happen to fall in between sizes, choose the next one up. 

Clarks men's and women's size chart

Width options in Clarks shoes

Clarks helps people with various foot shapes find an accommodating pair by offering multiple widths:

Women Men
Narrow (C) -
Standard (D) Standard (G)
Wide (E) Wide (H)
Extra Wide (EE) -

Unfortunately, the brand doesn't provide measurements for each width. Thus, we recommend choosing the one you normally get in other brands.

Do Clarks need a break-in?

Once you have the right size, the brand still recommends a gentle break-in. Here a few suggestions: 

  • before you put on a new pair on an all-day ride, wear it for short periods of time around the house first
  • wear thick socks with the new shoes while at home
  • lace the shoes up the same way you normally would (neither too tight nor loose)

Please note that leather Clarks shoes can take a few weeks before they feel fully accommodating. However, they should not be pinching or feeling uncomfortable from the start.

Have a pair from another brand that fits you well? Convert it to a Clarks size using the tool below.

There is no 100% guarantee of accuracy as this is based on the official size charts, but it can be your starting point.

Clarks men's size chart
Clarks women's size chart