Construction of the Sidi Wire 2 Carbon

The Sidi Wire 2 Carbon is a road cycling shoe that’s been crafted with a vented carbon sole and a microfiber upper. The sole is designed using a weave pattern that maximizes rigidity while allowing a bit of flex in the forefoot. Crafted from an Italy-made Microfiber Techpro upper, the shoe offers durability, water-resistance as well as breathability.

For the model’s 2019 version, Sidi decided to alter some features of the closure system. This iteration has an adjustable, slimmer top strap, while the dial that secures the midfoot and forefoot area is now placed directly in the middle.


Lightweight and stiff sole. The Vent Carbon sole handles sole duties. It is constructed using a weave pattern that boosts the stiffness for maximal transfer of energy while allowing a small degree of flex in the toes. According to Sidi, this engineered flex helps relieve stress on the plantar tendon and promote blood circulation.

Replaceable toe and heel pads. Non-slip polyurethane pads are provided to improve walkability. They are replaceable and help to protect the carbon sole from scrapes and scratches.

Ventilation pockets. The sole features integrated air channels to dissipate heat and promote airflow. There are two air pockets located in the toe and midfoot area. The toe vent is concealed by the rubber pad and could be opened or closed via a small screwdriver bolt. The option of closing this front vent pocket offers protection in a colder climate.

Cleat System

Cleat System

The Sidi Wire 2 Carbon cycling shoe employs a three-bolt cleat design. It is compatible with Shimano Ultegra R8000, Time Xpresso 2, Look Keo Blade and Ritchey WCS Carbon.

Anti-slip cleat surface with measuring. Cycling shoes’ soles are slippery, and clipping in the pedals might be more complicated than it should be. Hence Sidi applied a slip-resistant material in the cleat area for more straightforward attaching. Moreover, a measuring system is printed for proper cleat alignment.


Breathable and durable upper. Made from microfiber artificial leather that’s produced in Italy, this model’s upper material is durable and water-resistant. Perforation holes placed throughout the upper work in conjunction with the sole to keep the foot cool during warmer weather.

An updated closure system for improved fit. The Wire 2 Carbon features two replaceable Techno-3 Push dials: one on the tongue and another on the side. The dial placed on the tongue works in unison with Sidi’s proprietary wire cable to secure the midfoot and forefoot areas without causing any pressure points. 

The top part of the foot is locked down by a second dial and an anatomically designed, replaceable strap. The strap is technically called the Soft Instep 4 System. It is crafted with a soft, thermo-formed material to increase comfort across the top of the foot. The strap could be adjusted from both sides to achieve the ideal center position.

The Tecno-3 Push dials should be pushed to open a buckle that could be wound in order to tighten. For loosening, buttons are provided on the side of the dial. Pinch these buttons, and the wire will completely unwind.

Adjustable heel cup. An added feature that caught the attention of plenty of cyclists is the customizable heel system. Sidi created this design to improve the fit in the rear portion of the shoe. Dubbed as the brand's Heel Security System (HSS,) the system will keep the foot planted in the shoe, and provide explosive cadence without sacrificing the fit.

For a custom adjustment, the screw provided should be turned towards the + sign to tighten and towards the - sign to open. The heel retention device is lightweight, easy to use, and replaceable.


This model has moved the mid and forefoot dial closure to be directly on top of the foot, so old-time Wire users should be apprehensive of a possibly different fit. The Side Wire 2 Carbon is also offered in a ladies’ version, which has a female-specific last and slimmer heel design. The women’s specific model mimics the ladies’ more tapered foot shape.


The Wire 2 Carbon road shoe employs a lightly padded footbed that’s made from ergonomically shaped foam with memory effect. It has perforations from the toe to the midfoot to aid with breathability. The insole is detachable so users can customize their in-step comfort.

Additional Info

  • The tongue has slits that can be cut to achieve a better fit.


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