Our verdict


The Sidi Sixty is handmade in Italy and delivers comfort and pro-level performance. If you are after a Sidi road shoe that's lighter than usual without compromising effectiveness, this shoe might be the answer. Most reports have affirmed the brand's claims of excellent performance, quality, and comfort.


  • Race-level power transfer
  • Lightweight build
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Comfortable for all-day wear
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Adjustable BOA dials


  • Need better insoles
  • Heel slippage

Who should buy the Sidi Sixty

The Sidi Sixty is a celebratory shoe that commemorates the Italian brand's 60th anniversary. It is a solid option if you:

  • Need a seriously stiff carbon sole.
  • Need a precise and easy-to-use adjustment.
  • Need handmade cycling shoes and replaceable heel pads.

Sidi Sixty LOGO 1.0

Vent Carbon sole design

The Sidi Sixty employs the brand's Vent Carbon sole design. It is crafted from full carbon material and assembled by hands in a weave pattern, which provides a lightweight feel and rigidity for energy transfer. However, this shoe isn't just stiffness as a little bit of flex can be found in the toe area that promotes comfort. It relieves stress on the plantar tendon and encourages circulation.

Sidi Sixty Outsole 2.0

Excellent ventilation and replaceable heel pads

The Vent Carbon sole is designed with integrated ventilation pockets that promotes excellent airflow. These vents can be opened and sealed for all-seasons comfort. Anti-slip rubber pads are placed in the soles that provides the wearer stability on slippery surfaces. These pads are renewable, which helps lengthen the pair's lifespan and gives the buyer the bang for their buck.

Sidi Sixty Outsole 3.0

Sidi Sixty's cleat system

The Sidi Sixty employs a traditional road three-bolt cleat design. The following pedals work well with this cycling shoe: Shimano Ultegra 6800, Look Keo Blade 2 CR, and Time Xpro 10 Carbon.
Printed markings are also provided for both lateral and fore/aft cleat alignment that aids in optimal positioning.

Sidi Sixty Cleat system 1.0

Microfiber Techpro

This Sidi road shoe's upper is made from the brand's eco-friendly leather material called the Microfiber Techpro. It is made in Italy and provides water-repellency, stability, damage resistance, and lightweight fit. This material is also treated with anti-mold features, which prevents the beginning of molds and bacteria.

Sidi Sixty Upper

Secure fit and reflective

This footwear's retention system consists of three components: Techno-4 Push system, High-security Velcro straps, and integrated heel cup. The Tecno-4 Push is responsible for midfoot and top foot areas. It consists of guided wires and a dial that can be loosened and tightened in increments and instantly released. The Velcro strap governs the lockdown in the forefoot area. The straps feature integrated locking polymer teeth, which makes the closure secure and unmoveable.

Sidi Sixty Secure fit

Last but not least is the integrated heel, which prevents deformations and stabilizes the foot while pedaling.