Construction of the Sidi Alba

For many cyclists, having their first pair of Sidi shoes is considered a rite of passage due to the shoes’ well-known quality and relatively higher price. The brand is known for its excellent fitting footwear that provides comfort and superior quality. The Sidi Alba possesses all of these traits but comes at a lower price point compared to its siblings.

The Alba is a road-specific cycling shoe. The upper is crafted from a material called Politex, which consists of several overlapping layers made from knitted fabric and felt. For the fastening system, this shoe employs two hook-and-loop straps to secure the fore- and mid-foot sections, while Sidi’s Tecno-3 retention system takes care of the upper part of the foot. On the bottom of the shoe, a carbon composite sole called the Millenium 4 is utilized. This type of sole is lightweight and stiff.


Long-lasting rigidity and water-resistant sole. The Alba’s sole is made from the brand’s Millenium 4 Carbon Composite Sun technology. This material is crafted from injected carbon fiber and nylon, which provides a stiffer build than a standard nylon sole. It is known for being durable and less susceptible to changes in stiffness over time. 

Rubber pads for walkability. An anti-slip toe rubber insert and replaceable PU heel pad are integrated into the sole to keep the wearer comfortable every time they mount off the bike.

Cleat System

The Sidi Alba uses a standard road 3-hole cleat system. It is compatible with the following pedals: Shimano R540, Look Keo Classic 3, and Time Xpresso. The system also includes a printed 10mm marking for easy recall of cleat alignment.


Upper material withstands scrapes and stretching. This pair employs the Politex material. This component is made from several overlapping layers of treated knit and felt textiles. Then it is film-dyed to make the color longer-lasting. Ultimately, the upper offers excellent resistance against ripping, scrapes, and fading.

Reliable fastening system. Apart from the two hook-and-loop straps that secure the toe and midfoot areas, the Sidi Alba also uses their signature Tecno-3 system. This system uses a wide strap with an all-new proprietary Sidi Wire material that is then attached to the buckle. The buckle can be tightened and loosened in increments and could be released in an instant. The Tecno-3 buckle is serviceable and replaceable.

Reinforced heel. A sturdy heel cup aids in keeping the foot in an optimal position while pedaling. It also prevents the shoe from being deformed due to extreme performance or pressure.


The Sidi Alba road shoe is offered in versions for both genders. The ladies’ model is designed after a women-specific last to provide female cyclists with the traditionally snug cycling fit. The last mimics the girls’ narrower foot shape.


The Alba utilizes a cushioned insole for enhanced in-step comfort and vibration dampening.

Additional Info

  • Logos can be seen on the top strap, outsole, insole, and the lateral and rear parts of the upper.


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