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10 reasons to buy

  • The majority of the reviewers praise the Shimano TR9 for being uber comfortable.
  • Several owners express delight over the pair’s excellent quality in both materials and construction.
  • Many wearers are satisfied with the shoe’s excellent fit.
  • The Shimano TR9’s convenient closure system has received a lot of praise from triathletes as it is easy to transition in the race.
  • Several racers claim that it is breathable, drains water effectively, and dries quickly, which are essential features for triathlon cycling shoes.
  • It is durable and doesn’t scuff easily, according to some users.
  • A number of cyclists have said that the shoe’s inner lining is made for sockless riding.
  • The sole is adequately stiff, a few riders have said.
  • Some enthusiasts appreciate how convenient the asymmetrical heel loop is as it helps shed off seconds during race transitions.
  • The blue colorway is eye-catching and appealing, according to a few shoppers.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few critics have claimed that due to the reinforced toe and heel areas and added internal padding, the shoe feels relatively heavier and bulkier than other triathlon footwear.
  • Some have wished there were more colorway options to choose from.

Bottom line

Designed for rapid transition times, the Shimano TR9 packs a lot of convenient features specifically made for triathlon racing. Elements such as easy and efficient fastening, fast-drying and breathable construct, and comfortable inner lining contributed to the shoe’s overall positive feedback.

Some of the mentioned drawbacks have not posed any problem to most purchasers. They consider these flaws minor compared to the TR9’s overwhelming positive traits.

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Good to know

Shimano’s TR9 cycling shoe belongs to the elite triathlon cycling footwear. It is designed to speed up transitions and optimize pedaling power. Equipped with a lightweight, rigid carbon fiber composite sole, the shoe has a 10 out of 12 stiffness rating for excellent power transfer. This ranking only applies to Shimano models. The brand created a scale, with 12 being the stiffest, to let consumers gauge and compare their shoes.

To aid cyclists to make time gains during those all-important transitions, this model features a hook-and-loop Velcro strap, extra-wide collar, and asymmetrical heel loops. All these features simplify foot entry and quicken the transfer onto and from the bike.

As the athlete comes out of the water, the TR9’s breathable mesh provides ventilation as well as quick-drying to keep the foot comfortable and feeling light. Moreover, Shimano’s Dynalast technology helps optimize power transfer as it keeps the foot in the ideal ergonomic position while pedaling.

Lightweight and super stiff. This cycling shoe’s sole is crafted from a carbon fiber composite material that rates a 10 out of 12 in Shimano’s stiffness scale. It offers dynamic rigidity for accurate transfer of energy to the pedals and enough flexibility for a long, comfortable ride.

The Shimano TR9 employs a three-bolt cleat design that is compatible with most road pedals. Try the following pedal models to pair with your cycling shoe: Shimano 105 SPD-SL Carbon, Look Keo 2 Max Carbon, and Time Xpresso 6.

Expanded cleat adjustment. This model offers a total of 22-mm cleat placement versus the standard 11 mm. This is attained via the application of Shimano’s signature cleat models. The shoe itself offers 11-mm of modification while the Shimano cleats provide the other 11.  This more extensive range of placement means that the wearer is equipped with more space to find their ideal shoe-to-pedal connection.

Supple, breathable fit. The upper is made from a fusion of synthetic leather material and 3D breathable mesh. The synthetic leather provides a snug and secure fit while the mesh helps in keeping the foot feeling dry and comfortable.

Easy foot entry/exit for quick transitions. The shoe employs a T1-Quick Velcro strap and a mini set-and-forget forefoot strap for its closure system. This fastening design, along with an extra-wide collar design, aids in simplified on and off to shave off seconds during the transition.

An added feature of neatly trimming a section off the top strap. The main Velcro is designed to be pulled towards the medial side of the shoe, which means it could hit the bike’s crank when pedaling. As a solution, Shimano sectioned the end piece to give the rider the option to trim the strap neatly.

Convenient heel loop. A unique asymmetrical heel loop is provided to aid in faster putting on and off of the shoe. It can also serve as an efficient way of hanging the pair up after the race.

Breathable toe protection. The Shimano TR9 utilizes anatomical toe cap for protection against the fast-paced race’s bumps and scrapes. The toe cap is also perforated for excellent aerodynamics and ventilation.

Perforated and supportive footbed design. Equipped with the Dual Density Cup insole, this pair offers ultimate comfort and optimal fit. The cup shape of this insole helps optimize the heel angle and ensures stability while pedaling. It is designed with a high-density and durable EVA heel cup and arch support.

 A technology that enhances pedaling efficiency. This pair employs Shimano’s Dynalast technology. This innovation offers a specially designed contour to fit the foot’s dynamic curvature perfectly. The Dynalast shape enhances muscle-efficiency and, in turn, provides a smoother riding performance.

  • This pair is also known as SH-TR9 or Shimano TR900.
  • Both the collar and tongue are lightly padded for enhanced in-step comfort.
  • Brandings are placed on the top strap, lateral part of the upper, insole, and outsole.
  • The blue color option is a unisex design, while the white variety is designed after women’s narrower foot shape.


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