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8 reasons to buy

  • Almost all Shimano MW701 users love the shoe’s immense comfort.
  • It keeps the foot warm despite the super-low temperature outside, say most testers.
  • This winter cycling shoe is puddle, splash, and mud-proof, according to several cyclists.
  • Numerous testers praise the model’s excellent outsole grip.
  • Some consumers find its rugged yet minimal design to be appealing.
  • It is durable and can stand against repeated hard rides, say a number of reviewers.
  • The MW701 provides sufficient impact protection, observes a few riders.
  • A couple of users appreciate that despite the chunky lug patterns, clipping in and out has been a breeze.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Quite a number of experts warn that the shoe will soak once the rain downpours.
  • The MW701 by Shimano takes a while to dry, according to some users.
  • A few find this footwear to be too costly for a cycling shoe that will be used just a couple of months out of a year.
  • Some shoppers suggest adding more color options for this model.

Bottom line

The Shimano MW701 shoes are aimed at cyclists who refuse to be fazed by the arrival of colder weather. Many are impressed as it effectively keeps the foot warm, dry, and comfortable in most conditions. It can also be hiked in when the situation calls for it.

Aside from a few minor issues, it is considered an excellent investment by passionate cyclists.

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Good to know

Shimano’s MW7 is the brand’s premier winter cycling shoe model. It was created for riders without an off-season. This footwear has been released twice. And for this article, the second iteration, specifically called the Shimano MW701 will be the focus.

Structure-wise, this footwear packs a punch when it comes to features. A waterproof Gore-Tex liner, along with a layer of thermal insulation, runs throughout the shoe. Protecting these two winter-specific components is the synthetic leather upper. Rubber reinforced areas provide impact protection.

Inside, fleece insoles offer extra insulation from the ground up. Retention is provided by BOA dials and Velcro fastenings. Lastly, glass fiber reinforced nylon and Michelin rubber outsoles supply stiffness and traction, respectively.

Durable traction. Crafted from a dual-density Michelin rubber compound, the outsole is created for high-performance in slippery surfaces.

Adequate stiffness. With a stiffness rating of 5 out of 12 in the brand’s scale, the Shimano MW701 provides a balance between rigidity and flex.

Natural riding motion. This shoe features Shimano’s TORBAL (Torsional Balance) system. It aims to provide the wearer a natural feel while pedaling.

The Shimano MW701 features a 2-bolt SPD cleat type. With aggressive lugs, the cleat area is recessed and can be comfortably worn with flat pedals as well.

Extended cleat adjustments. Unlike the usual 11mm cleat range of most cycling shoes, the MW7 employs a total of 22mm of cleat adjustments. This provides the cyclist more range to position their shoe-to-pedal connection.

Insulated and waterproof. Equipped with Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort liner, the foot remains dry and warm no matter how low the temperature drops.

Protection from debris. Incorporating lace-shield and high cuff construction, the shoe effectively keeps unwanted elements at bay.

Lockdown. Employing BOA L6 dials, the shoes can be effortlessly adjusted and offers a precise fit.

High visibility. The Shimano MW701 provides added safety measurements by incorporating 360-degree reflectivity. 

This 2019 iteration is built on the brand’s proprietary wide last called Volume+. Shimano applied this updated last shape after receiving feedback regarding the narrow fit of the older version.

The MW701 utilizes a single density extra-cushioned insoles with fleece lining. Apart from enhanced comfort and vibration dampening, the application of the fleece material adds heat retention and protection from the cold.

  • The Shimano MW7 is regarded as the winter-version of the ME701 MTB shoe and the sibling of the MW5.
  • As mentioned above, this review talks about the 2019 version of the MW7. But what are the updates, specifically? The main one is the switch to BOA dials from the speed lacing system, while a better tread design is another.


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