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7 reasons to buy

  • Based on most of the reviews, the Shimano ME300 is a comfortable cycling shoe.
  • The relatively lower price of this footwear is appreciated by a considerable amount of buyers.
  • Plenty of testers delight at the pair’s premium quality materials and build.
  • Some cyclists appreciate the ME300’s reasonably stiff soles.
  • The shoe’s aesthetic has been deemed appealing by a few consumers.
  • It is relatively lightweight compared to other MTB shoes, according to a couple of experts.
  • The traction of the Shimano ME300 has been affirmed by a number of wearers.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Several reviewers have griped about the shoe’s strap opening and reverse buckle design. The straps open different ways while the buckle is attached to the top, which causes confusion or disorientation.
  • The strap that closes inwards tends to bump against the bike’s crank arm, according to some riders.
  • A few buyers want more color options.

Bottom line

Those who love exploring the rugged mountain trails will find the Shimano ME300 to be very comfortable, high-quality, and protective. 

It, however, received flack due to its poorly designed closure system. If you are looking for an affordable mountain bike shoe with sufficient abilities in the trail, and wouldn’t mind the ‘getting used to phase’ of the retention system, then the ME300 is for you.

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Expert reviews:

Shimano’s ME300 mountain cycling shoe has been created for cross-country routes and trail riding. The pair’s outsoles strike a balance between stiffness and comfort to deliver adequate power transfer and comfortable walking.

Among other technologies such as glass fiber reinforced midsoles, the brand’s TORBAL (Torsional Balance) technology is also used on the shoe’s outsole. Both contribute to better overall power transfer. 

The upper’s minimal aesthetic exudes a professional demeanor, while perforation detailings enhance airflow. Lastly, the fit is governed by a ratchet buckle and two Velcro straps.

Lightweight rubber outsole compound is grippy. The Shimano ME300 features a light rubber compound to provide traction without adding unnecessary weight. Moreover, the outer edges of the soles feature aggressive lugs for traction. This allows the wearer to comfortably and securely get off the bike no matter the conditions.

Adequate rigidity. Created for leisurely biking instead of competition, this footwear doesn’t need excessively stiff soles. However, with a stiffness rating of 5 out of 12 in the brand’s chart, it still provides sufficient power transfer while pedaling. This firmness is caused by the glass fiber reinforced midsoles.

Technology designed to imitate foot motions. The ME300 employs the brand’s TORBAL tech. This innovation makes room for lateral movement in the heel area and mimics the foot’s natural movement. Hence, providing a more natural foot motion while pedaling.

This model utilizes the traditional 2-bolt MTB shoe cleat design. Try the following pedals: Look X-Track En-Rage Plus, Time MX6, and Shimano XT M8020 Trail. Since the cleat area is recessed into the sole, this shoe also works with flat MTB pedals.

Wide cleat adjustments. The average length size of the cleat base is 11mm. But for the Shimano ME300, it is double this amount. With a total of 22mm space for cleat positions, it provides the wearer with an abundance of different foot-to-pedal connections.

Water-resistant yet sufficiently ventilated. Employing synthetic materials, the shoe is inherently water-resistant. On the other hand, perforation holes help enhance airflow but may allow water to go in.

Secure lockdown without hotspots. The Shimano ME300 employs a ratchet buckle to secure the top part of the foot, while opposite facing Velcro straps are responsible for the mid and forefoot areas.

According to the brand, the design of the straps is aimed to relieve foot tension while pedaling.

Lastly, padded collars protect the ankle area from impacts and provide excellent comfort at the same time.

The ME300 features a standard cushioned insole for enhanced comfort and vibration dampening. Users who need more support can easily swap to customized orthotics.

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