Who should buy the Shimano GR901

The Shimano GR901 is the brand’s top-tier flat gravity/enduro/downhill shoe. It is a solid option if you:

  • Need a shoe that has toe protection to the outsole tread design and asymmetrical collar design to assist the user in aggressive downhill riding.
  • Need a shoe that is designed for colder and wetter conditions as it’s quite toasty, dries quickly, and isn’t too absorbent. 
  • Need a shoe that has protective Velcro flap helps keep the elements from entering the footwear. 

Shimano GR901 Logo

Michelin-designed sole

The Shimano GR901 employs a Michelin-designed sole, which equates to world-renowned grip. Apart from this, a special tread design has been placed in the toe and heel areas for hiking-like traction.

Shimano GR901 outsole

This pair has a rating of 3 out of 12 in the brand’s stiffness index. Since it is a downhill-oriented pair, stiffness isn’t much of a necessity. Instead, it puts more importance on assisting the wearer with protection and grip.

Shimano GR901 cleat system

The GR901 is a flat MTB shoe. It provides wearers, especially beginners, with the confidence to focus on honing their skills instead of worrying about falling due to not clipping out in time. The shoe works well with the following pedal types: Acros A-Flat MD, Crank Brothers Stamp 7, and Nukeproof Horizon Pro.

Shimano GR901 Shimano GR901 cleat system

Quick dry

Learning from its predecessor’s weakness, the GR901 uses less absorbent materials that also dry quickly.

Shimano GR901  Quick dry

Safety from bike impacts

Reinforced molded toecaps play a big part in protecting the foot, especially in the descending nature of downhill cycling. 

Shimano GR901 Safety from bike impacts

Due to the aggressive quality of mountain trails, occasional bumping of the foot against the bike is natural. However, bruises and injuries are not. Shimano created a solution for this via the asymmetrically raised and padded internal collar for protection. 

Armored lace shield

This footwear employs the speed lacing system with an armored lace shield. This combination offers a locked-down fit with easier use and enhanced protection against the elements.

Shimano GR901 Armored lace shield

Replaceable insoles

The Shimano GR901 comes with standard insole models. They are replaceable, so if your foot needs more support, just interchange with a special orthotic footbed.

Shimano GR901 Replaceable insoles

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 390g
Use: Mountain
Cleat design: Flat
Closure: Velcro, Speed lacing
Features: Water-resistant, Lace Tucks
Material: Synthetic
Technology: Michelin Soles

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