Construction of the Shimano GR500

Designed to withstand any ground, the GR500 sports durable synthetic uppers with mesh inserts for optimal comfort and excellent airflow. It is a flat mountain bike shoe that eliminates the need for cleats and clipping in, offering freedom of planting the foot whenever needed.

The robust and adequately grippy rubber sole keeps the foot planted on the pedal and on slippery trails. The brand recommends it for gravity riders.


Adequate traction. The Shimano GR500’s outsole is crafted from rubber that is both durable and offers sufficient grip on pedal or ground.

Its tread design features two types: hexagonal shapes in the center part of the outsole, while rectangle-like patterns occupy the toe and heel areas. The former is designed to grip onto the pedal while the latter is engineered for ground contact.

Stiffness rate apt for downhill cycling. This pair measures a 2 in Shimano’s stiffness index rating. Although it is common knowledge in the cycling world that the stiffer the sole, the better the power transfer is, different biking endeavors call for an appropriate level of stiffness.

The Shimano GR500’s low stiffness index is due to the activity it was designed for - Gravity riding. This specific type of cycling requires relatively more flexible soles to keep the wearer comfortable while traversing downhill terrains.

Cleat System

This pair employs a flat outsole design. It provides the wearer with confidence and freedom to save themselves from falling by planting their feet whenever crucial. Some of the pedal models that are compatible with this shoe are Crank Brothers Stamp 7 Large LE, Burgtec Penthouse Mk4 Composite, and Race Face Chester.


Excellent protection and comfort. Crafted from durable synthetic leather upper with mesh inserts, the Shimano GR500 keeps the foot protected from scuffs and bumps while providing excellent airflow. 

Both the tongue and collar are well-padded for enhanced cushioning and comfort.

Time-tested closure system. The shoe utilizes the traditional lace-up retention system. It provides a lockdown fit without pressure points.


Shimano offers various types of last technologies designed for a specific ride type. For the GR500, it features the brand’s Volume Tour last. This last option provides added volume at the ball of the foot compared to the standard narrow shape of cycling shoes

Note that the Volume Tour last is separated into Volume Tour and Volume Tour women’s. The latter features a lesser volume to cater to the naturally narrower shape of women’s feet.


The Shimano GR500 employs a flat, removable insole. Wearers can freely replace it with custom orthotic insoles for a better fit.

Nice to know

Includes one pair of alternative color laces.


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