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5 reasons to buy

  • The shoe provided excellent protection while on the run, according to a reviewer.
  • One user was impressed by the shoe’s durability and how it still looked like new after running a couple hundred miles with it.
  • Several users agreed that the Kinabalu Supertrac is incredibly comfortable and well-padded in the right places.
  • A lot of runners were happy with the wide toe box of the shoe.
  • One buyer praised the traction of the outsole and how it adjusted quickly after transitioning from dry to wet trail.

1 reasons not to buy

  • Many runners disliked the weight of the shoe, stating that it was a bit heavy.

Bottom line

Built to be fast and protective, the Scott Kinabalu Supertrac is fit to use for running even on the toughest terrains. Its weight might be a negative factor for some, but the cushioning and traction make up for it. This is suitable for people who are looking for a running shoe that can handle mud and a multitude of different conditions.

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To be honest, when I was at the store, the shoes looked and felt impressively bulky in my hands at first glance. I even compared them with the big mud tires that monster trucks are using.


First impression

Actually, when I put them on, it turned out that they didn't feel so bulky. It is well-cushioned but still a bit on the heavy side.

With the first several steps, these shoes are definitely giving you the feeling that you can go anywhere at any weather condition and you will have no issues with the grip at any point.



Overall, the shoes' feel and look is built with quality and durable materials.

Fit and sizing

By default, I prefer a lot of space in the toe box area, and I do feel comfortable when I put them on.

On the other side, the shoes generally fit my feet very well, and I feel stable, and my feet are locked at one place.

The shoes feel a bit on the heavy side compared with other trail running shoes



But the difference in the weight is worth it for the great comfort, stability, and superior grip that comes with it.

I have noticed that several short walks or runs are needed for the shoe to break in.

The sizing is “true,” which in my case means, that if I fit in 10.5 sizes of other running shoes, 10.5 was the right size for me with the Scott too.


The Kinabalu Supertrac is equipped with a lace locker that is keeping them secured and away from the possible mud and dirt.


It is no wonder that I compared the shoes initially with mud tires. The outsole is designed to provide perfect grip during trail running.

With its big and somehow soft grapples, it gives you the impression that it can handle any terrain and situation during your runs, trekking, or walks.



And the impression is not wrong. The outsole is handling very well on all surfaces I have tested and used them on even snow, 3 inches’ deep mud, ice, and rocks in the rivers.


The midsole provides good cushioning and high comfort. It is thick and one of the main reasons for the high weight of the shoe.

The cushioning is right where it should be. Not very high, so you to feel unstable, but not low, so you have the possibilities for long runs without worrying to hurt your feet.


The upper is made from beatable material, with additional fortification, to protect the shoe from rocks where needed – at the toe box, and the heel area.


My first use of Scotts after the several break-in walks was a 12 hour, 40 kilometers +/- 1300m ascent and descent of a rocky mountain.

At the end of the day, I was very happy with the fact that I decided to use them, but not some trekking shoes, as they were feeling stable and very comfortable throughout the whole day and even at the end of it.



It was not the last time I have used them for trekking, as they have a very good grip at the snow, I am usually using them for long trekking sessions in snowy conditions too.


The shoes provide high comfort, giving you the ability to run long runs on technical terrains.


The perfect grip and comfort are coming with one more price than weight – its durability.



Now, when I have done about 130kms on the shoes, 30 of them in snow and it is already noticeable that some parts of the outsole have lost its integrity.


The shoes look decent with a variety of several colors, all looking good.


Compared to other trail shoes, the Kinabalu Supertrac was one of the lowest priced.

The price is perfect for what you get. I like their look a lot.



The Scott Kinabalu Supertrac is very well made and comfortable trail shoes.

Being on the heavy side, it provides you with the feeling of great stability and proper grip on any surface you will face during your trail runs.

| Level 1 expert Verified
I started to run in my junior school and participated in some running events. After that, due to health issues, I have decided to take a break. Since 2017, I am back to the running and averaging 100-150kms/month both trail and road. I have participated in more than 100 running events since, most of them at distances 5 to 10 kilometers, excluding my weekly training program of 3-4 runs per week.

Good to know

  • The Kinabalu Supertrac introduces a new level of the technical running shoe and an innovative concept of a superior grip. It is designed to match the needs of trail-and-mountain runners in the most extreme conditions.
  • The outsole is tough and durable and works effortlessly in gripping muddy trails and rocky routes.
  • There is AeroFoam+ cushioning that provides an increased durability and great rebound.
  • The eRide platform lends a ‘big’ visual to the shoe while still looking smart and sleek. It provides a snug fit while the interior is soft and comfortable.
  • The upper aids in eliminating weak points where the shoe bends when running that usually causes rips and tears.

Suitable for runners with a neutral pronation, the Kinabalu Supertrac is adequately cushioned which is the right balance between firm and soft. It is designed to deliver a smooth and comfortable ride for people with an average-to-high foot volume because of its wide toe room. The shoe fits true to size and is available in width profiles of D-medium for men and B-medium for women.

The Kinabalu Supertrac features an outsole that is made to withstand the toughest trails, whether soft mud or technical mountain terrains. The design includes an incredible amount of traction with an aggressive tread pattern that cuts through the deepest mud trails and grips similar to a limpet.

The deep lugs provide an elevated level of traction, especially in muddy conditions. The lugs are made of a superior wet traction rubber compound, allowing it to work well on slippery rocks and roots while providing comfort and cushioning. Its chevron pattern and evenly-spaced studs are intended to clear mud from the outsole effectively, while its blade-like design encourages grip in snowy conditions.

The outsole of this trail shoe is wide both in the forefoot and the heel to encourage foot balance, to prevent hot spots, and to remain stable despite the shoe’s stack height.

The midsole of the Kinabalu Supertrac is turned up at the toe and heel with the use of the eRide rocker-design, which creates a stable stance to help promote a faster and more efficient running style, guaranteeing a more competent foot strike and a smoother transition. It has an energy-saving feature that is essential for long-distance running.

The eRide platform is intended to be noticeable as early as the initial wear as its unique rocker shape allows the foot to roll forward, converting impact energy into a forward motion, increasing efficiency, and reducing muscle strain. Its flat arch provides a solid surface that guides the foot through the stride while preventing energy loss from deformation.

The AeroFoam+ is an EVA-based compound that gives better cushioning and more support. Neither too rigid nor too soft, it delivers an increased durability and elasticity compared to the original AeroFoam, resulting in a better rebound.

The upper of the Kinabalu Supertrac is made of a seamless, no-sew fabric with mesh panels. The mesh is finely woven to prevent debris from entering. The overlays are from a synthetic material with a crisscross design around the midfoot for added stability.

A reinforced toe box is built to withstand serious contact with rocks and trail obstacles while providing a secure hold of the foot. It is wide enough for a comfortable toe splay, yet secure enough to keep the foot in place. The toe box is protected by a sturdy rand, which prevents injuries.

The heel collar is injection-molded, gripping the heel firmly to prevent the foot from slipping out of the shoe while running. It is also padded to prevent rubbing while wrapping the heel.

A padded tongue is also present for added comfort. It possesses a conventional non-gusseted design.

The laces are made from a thin and textured weave that keeps them tied and prevents them from coming undone. A unique Lace Locker is installed, which is a piece of elastic that runs across the laces, to keep them out of the way and prevent them from flapping while running.

How Kinabalu Supertrac compares

This shoe: 86
All shoes average: 82
55 94
This shoe: £140
All shoes average: £130
£60 £240
This shoe: 340g
All shoes average: 296g
170g 680g
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