Our verdict


The overall feedback for the Scott Kinabalu has been mostly positive. People like this model for having a comfortable midsole, a form-fitting upper, a protective outsole, and general durability that is reliable. The reactions point to a design process that is thoughtful and accommodating of the trail running enthusiast. On the other hand, the too-warm in-shoe environment and the irritating concave ceiling of the upper have earned some criticism.


  • Seamless upper
  • Reactive performance
  • Pad protects against wear-and-tear.
  • Durable
  • Supports ankle and heel
  • Doesn't cause hotspots


  • Stifling in-shoe experience
  • Instep rub against skin

Who should buy the Scott Kinabalu

You will love the Scott Kinabalu if:

  • You are a fan of trail running shoes that are for neutral foot pronation
  • You want a durable shoe that provides efficient performance on the road

Scott Kinabalu logo

Reliable grips on any trails with the Scott Kinabalu

The outsole unit of the Scott Kinabalu is made of Wet Traction Rubber. This material runs the entire length of the platform, and it protects the midsole foam from the debilitating effects of surface contact and continued use. It has a grippy construction that works on both dry and wet topography.

Scott Kinabalu whole1

Gripping lugs cover all the areas of the outsole. These arrow-shaped nodes have wide and sharp angles that claw against the ground to deliver steadiness. Because of the opposite-facing structure of these elements, runners gain control of their movements, whether on groomed or irregular paths.

Scott Kinabalu outsole1

Long-lasting movement capacity midsole of the Scott Kinabalu

AeroFoam+ is runs the entire length of the Scott Kinabalu. It is long-lasting and responsive to the movement capacity and speed of the foot. This technology is also flexible, and it attenuates the impact forces generated when landing the foot on the ground.

Scott Kinabalu heel mid

The eRide is a rocker shape that facilitates a smooth heel-to-toe transition that goes with each step. Runners experience smooth landings and toe-offs with such a design gracing the underfoot platform.

Scott Kinabalu rocker1

An insole right above the main cushioning system adds a bit more verve to the perception of softness. It can be removed or replaced with the new one if the runner wants to do so.

Scott Kinabalu in22

Cool running experience with the Scott Kinabalu 

A breathable mesh serves as the exterior part of the Scott Kinabalu’s upper unit. This grid-like textile accommodates the flow of air into the foot chamber, which leads the wearer to experience a cool and dry wrap. The multi-weave assembly prevents it from quickly succumbing to abrasive trail debris.

Scott Kinabalu uppp

Synthetic prints bolster the exterior of the façade. They help maintain its integrity and keep it from sagging over time. These overlays also serve as shields against the aggressiveness of the off-road paths. The forefoot, in particular, has a two-layered approach that averts stones and jagged surfaces from injuring the toes.

Scott Kinabalu overlays

A no-sew interior brings the feeling of being wrapped in a non-irritating hug. Because of this, runners wear this neutral running shoe without socks.

Scott Kinabalu whole up

A traditional lacing system is fashioned on the instep. Flat laces snake through inconspicuous eyelets. They secure the sides and help maintain a taut-looking façade. When the shoestrings are tightened or loosened, the overlays to which they’re connected adjust as well; this gives the wearer a customized fit and coverage.

Scott Kinabalu laces1

Scott Kinabalu lacing

The thin and lightly padded anatomical tongue doesn’t choke the outline of the instep. The stuffing prevents the laces from bunching and causing hot spots.

Scott Kinabalu forefoot

The padded collar holds the sides of the foot in place, and it prevents wobbling and mechanical displacement. It also averts accidental shoe removals.

Scott Kinabalu collar2

A pull tab is stitched onto the rear part of the collar. Runners can use this fabric loop to widen the opening of the upper and facilitate the foot into, or out of, the interior chamber.

Scott Kinabalu rear