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6 reasons to buy

  • Edging: Every review about the Scarpa Velocity tells of the shoe’s fantastic performance on edges.
  • Longevity: A critic is super-impressed with the durability of this rock shoe.
  • Comfort: Based on a review, the product in question is amazingly comfy.
  • Stickiness: Someone who tests rock climbing shoes for a living loves the Velocity’s mighty grippy outsole.
  • Support: To a user, this Scarpa offering is quite supportive.
  • Smearing: According to a professional footwear reviewer, the Velocity smears admirably.

1 reasons not to buy

  • Hook-and-loop: The shoe not having a Velcro pad around the lower tongue is a slight disappointment to an owner.

Bottom line

The user-friendly Velocity is an eco-friendly addition to Scarpa’s growing library of high-quality climbing shoes. It successfully marries comfort with performance, giving senders a tool that can make a real difference in a variety of climbing scenarios. This durable piece is a lasting product coupled with straightforward-yet-captivating aesthetics.

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Scarpa Velocity’s improvements

The brainy shoemakers at Scarpa have updated this rock shoe to keep up with the demands of the modern climber. Below are the improvements applied to the featured shoe:

  • The revamped Velocity now comes with a sleeker Z-strap for its closure system (a.k.a. Wave-Closure). It replaces its former self’s bulky double fasteners.
  • Unlike the old Velocity, the updated model is completely vegan. Indeed, it is engineered without the use of any animal substances.
  • This upgraded Scarpa shoe may now be resoled. Note that a resoling service requires a small fee in most cases.

Things that make the Scarpa Velocity a must-buy

Are you still on the fence about getting the Scarpa Velocity? If you have not been wooed by this product yet with the colorful feedback you see above or its upgrades, the following should reel you in:

  • The Scarpa Velocity is quite budget-friendly. In fact, it is one of RunRepeat’s highly affordable rock climbing shoes.
  • As a downturn-less, non-asymmetric pair, it can be used by climbers of all skill levels.
  • Its microfiber upper is entirely washable, giving your tootsies climbing freshness for longer.


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Bottom 17% Scarpa climbing shoes
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Bottom 44% indoor climbing shoes
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