Who should buy the Scarpa Vapor V

Among Scarpa's finest, the Vapor V offers superb versatility on both rock and multi-route walls. Consider it a must-have if:

  • You're looking for a shoe that can help you transition from beginner climbs to intermediate problems.
  • The boulder routes you climb outdoors feature nubbins and edges.
  • Toe- and side-smears make your projects a whole lot easier to send.

Scarpa Vapor V buy

Who should not buy it

If durability is among your primary concerns, look in the direction of the mightier-but-pricier Scarpa Instinct VS instead. You might also want to consider the Veloce if you wish to own a less expensive pair.

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Updates to the Scarpa Vapor V

  • The Scarpa Vapor V has been redesigned to enhance its performance on steep terrain. 
  • Its engineers changed the shoe's internal material to microfiber and lessened the volume of the tongue to make the Vapor V's upper softer.
  • This revamped kick now comes with the Talyn midsole—a stiffer underfoot insert that provides more edging support.

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Its downturn eats edges for breakfast

Footgear authorities who have thoroughly tested the Scarpa Vapor V (men’s and women’s) simply adore the way it handles edges.

Scarpa Vapor V edge

Incredibly comfortable

This Scarpa climbing shoe is comfy from heel to toe, say professional critics who have reviewed it.

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Scarpa Vapor V: A bouldering superstar

Bloggers who have bought the Vapor V recommend it highly for bouldering, thanks to its combination of midfoot flexibility and underfoot stiffness (forefoot). 

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Fantastic on overhangs

Experienced climbers say that the shoe handles overhangs like a champ with its excellent heel-hooking capabilities. 

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Might not last

Reviewers are unimpressed with the shoe's substandard lifespan, particularly the rubber sole's durability.

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Climbs cracks well

Thanks to its lateral stiffness, the Scarpa Vapor V climbing shoe is an astonishing tool for cracks, according to senders.

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Scarpa Vapor V vs. Instinct VS

Pitted against the featured climbing shoe in this head-to-head is the Scarpa Instinct VS. The following points detail the things that set them apart.

Outsole. The exemplary climbing shoes in this comparison both use Vibram outsoles. However, the one in the Instinct VS comes in two parts—XS Edge at the forefoot and XS Grip 2 at the heel. The former has a thickness of 3.5 mm (same as the one in the Vapor V), while the latter is only 2 mm thick).

Weight. There is a 10-gram difference between the men’s version of the Vapor V and the men’s variant of its rival, with the former being the heavier. That said, the women’s version of the featured shoe and its competitor have the same weight.

Target environment. The Instinct VS is engineered with outdoor use in mind. The Scarpa Vapor V, on the other hand, is both an indoor and outdoor climbing shoe.

Fit management. Although both Scarpa products use Velcro closure to give wearers a secure fit, only the Vapor V has two adjustable straps.

Pull loops. The Instinct VS has one extra pull-loop at the tongue, which the Vapor V lacks. With it, slipping into the rival kick might be easier than the Vapor V.

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Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 240g
Construction: Slip lasted
Closure: Velcro
Fit: Performance fit
Downturn: Moderate
Environment: Indoor, Outdoor
Material: Synthetic, Vibram

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