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5 reasons to buy

  • Goes further: Although primarily a bouldering tool, the Scarpa Reflex V is a competent companion for longer routes.
  • Plush: This piece is among the comfiest climbing shoes from Scarpa.
  • Glove-like: The Reflex V fits with virtually zero dead space.
  • Durable: It has been reported to have “great” build quality, avoiding wear and tear for months.
  • Budget-friendly: This Scarpa offering is among the most affordable climbing kicks on the market.

1 reason not to buy

  • Hit-or-miss heel: An owner finds its heel-hooking ability a little unreliable. He said that the shoe’s rubberized heel tends to roll a little, so fitting the heel as snugly as possible is recommended.

Bottom line

Climbing in the Reflex V is as welcoming as they come, thanks to its no-nonsense construction that balances comfort and performance (perhaps even leaning a little bit more toward comfiness). A beginners’ pair, this Scarpa offering revels in its usability and undeniably within-reach asking price. Strap it on nice and tight, and experience your first few ascents as pleasurable as possible.

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Scarpa Reflex V: Comfort personalized

Beginner climbing shoes are by design intended for adventurers who wish to try climbing for the first time. The Reflex V fits the bill but takes ease of use a bit further by blending personalization and comfiness nicely.

How is this possible? Well, it goes beyond the shoe’s adjustable straps. Yes, the main culprit here is the Reflex V’s knit upper. This breathable shell is engineered to stretch in zones, giving you a highly supple fit with every step.

The Reflex V’s stretchiness should not be confused with the gear’s permanent stretchability, however. This means that the shoe will go back to its from-the-box (original) fit every time you take it off.

Alternatives to the Scarpa Reflex V

Force V

Another one of Scarpa’s entry-level kicks, the Force V will let you mount with more sensitivity underfoot thanks to its 4-mm outsole. It is 1 mm thinner than the Reflex V’s.


It is as downturn-less as the featured climbing shoe; however, unlike the Reflex V, the Velocity is straight-lasted. This means that your foot (around the inner arch) will not bend inward in it, giving a sneaker-like comfort as a result.


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