Who should buy the Scarpa Reflex V

The Scarpa Reflex V is a modern climbing shoe constructed for beginners taking their first steps in the vertical world. Climbers stated that its stretch knit upper supplies enough breathability when the gym is warm, and it is washable. It is also supportive enough for starters to wear comfortably.

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Who should not buy the Scarpa Reflex V

An owner finds its heel-hooking ability a little unreliable. He said that the shoe’s rubberized heel tends to roll a little and its toe box are too narrow. If you are looking for a climbing shoe that gives climbers a tool that can make a real difference in a variety of climbing scenarios, you might want to check the Scarpa Velocity.

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Notable Features

  • Beginner climbing shoes are by design intended for adventurers who wish to try climbing for the first time. The Reflex V fits the bill but takes ease of use a bit further by blending personalization and comfiness nicely.
  • The knit upper breathable shell is stretched in zones, giving you a highly supple fit with every step. It also renders incredible support and it is washable as well.
  • The Reflex V’s stretchiness should not be confused with the gear’s permanent stretchability, however. This means that the shoe will go back to its from-the-box (original) fit every time you take it off.

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Durable yet super sticky

Climbers stated that this shoe is durable but still very sticky even if you are standing on a slippery slopy volume at the gym or a tiny edge. They stated that it will keep you on the wall.

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Comfortable cushioning

Climbers loved the fact that it is suitable for beginner climbers and for people wanting a comfortable all-day shoe and still perform well.

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Excellent ventilation and a sock-like fit

Climbers mentioned that it has a soft, comfortable, and breathable Synthetic upper that is knitted together and fits like a sock. It is so soft and it molds around your foot giving you a fantastic fit.

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Alternatives to the Scarpa Reflex V

Force V

Another one of Scarpa’s entry-level kicks, the Force V will let you mount with more sensitivity underfoot thanks to its 4-mm outsole. It is 1 mm thinner than the Reflex V’s.


It is as downturn-less as the featured climbing shoe; however, unlike the Reflex V, the Velocity is straight-lasted. This means that your foot (around the inner arch) will not bend inward in it, giving a sneaker-like comfort as a result.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 210g / Women 190g
Construction: Slip lasted, Vegan
Closure: Velcro
Fit: Comfort fit
Downturn: Neutral
Environment: Indoor
Material: Fabric/Textile, Knit upper

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