Updates to Scarpa Furia S

  • The Scarpa Furia S is built for senders who need precision with a helping of versatility on their climbs. Its designers furnished it with the IPR active randing system, which helps the shoe maintain its shape without neglecting flexibility. Sufficient grip underfoot is courtesy of XS Grip2—a Vibram outsole.
  • It is dubbed by Scarpa as a slightly softer version of the Furia. This design decision gives the Furia S enhanced sensitivity. The two rock climbing shoes have other differences, which will be discussed in the following:
  • The Scarpa Furia S now comes with a proper midsole, called Flexan. Yes, the Furia lacked this supportive component.
  • The Furia S’ Velcro closure has been redesigned. It comes with a unified strapping system (also known as Z-closure), doing away with the Furia’s two separate straps.
  • It inherits the Furia’s Vibram XS Grip2 outsole. That said, the one in the Furia S is thicker than its predecessor by 0.5 mm.
  • The Furia S uses the IPR tension system. This tech replaces the Furia’s PCB-Tension, which promises a sock-like fit and improved sensitivity.


Downturn. The Scarpa Furia S is a rock climbing shoe with an aggressive downturn. Its highly pointed camber allows for tiptoeing on small holds and ledges with enough precision. Kicks with this amount of downturn are designed for single-pitch ascents.

Applications. This indoor/outdoor rock shoe is built for both bouldering and sport climbing. It comes equipped with the right set of components to scale overhanging terrain.


A below-the-ankle climbing shoe for men is the Scarpa Furia S. The last on which it was built gives it a highly asymmetric (curved) interior. A secure and personalized lockdown is achievable using the shoe’s redesigned hook-and-loop closure. Its revamped heel zone promises a suction-like fit at the rear.


Midsole. The Furia S grants underfoot support and protection from its Flexan midsole. It has a very minimal thickness of 1 mm.

Outsole. Thanks to the Furia S’ 3.5-mm thick Vibram XS Grip2 outsole, owners can cling to a variety of surfaces with as much grip as possible. It is made of a special kind of rubber that gives enhanced friction on overhangs. It is built with vibration-damping and shock-absorbing properties. A thicker version of this outsole is part of the La Sportiva Solution.


The Scarpa Furia S envelops the climber’s foot in its low-cut microsuede upper. Its toe box is imbued with the SRT rand with M50 rubber to provide climbers with extra bite in toe-hooking situations. A sturdy rand is also built into its heel and lateral zones to help users scale tricky projections with additional climbing security.

A single strap makes up the shoe’s Z-closure system. This strap is engineered with hook-and-loop fasteners for adjustability. Completing the equation of the Furia S’ upper are the two pull tabs at the heel.

Scarpa Furia S vs. Drago

The Furia S is among Scarpa’s high-quality climbing shoes built for the steep. As such, it finds itself in a position where climbers pit it against other kicks from the same brand. In this comparison, the featured shoe crosses paths with the Scarpa Drago. Learn about their differences in the points that follow.

Weight. On this front, climbing enthusiasts who prefer to breeze through projects with as little bulk as possible might find the Drago the better shoe. Yes, it is lighter than the Scarpa Furia S by approximately 20 g.

Midsole. Between the two rock climbing shoes, only the Furia S has a midsole unit. This particular component, in general, delivers extra support and protection underfoot. That said, its absence translates to enhanced flexibility.

Tension technology. The two Scarpa offerings in this head-to-head have different tension systems. The Furia S, as discussed in the Updates section, is engineered with the IPR-Tension for shape retention and flexibility. The Drago, on the other hand, comes built with the PCB-Tension (where PCB stands for Power Connection Band), making the shoe extra sensitive while enhancing its overall fit.


The current trend of Scarpa Furia S.
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