Scarpa Drago LV essential facets

Quick facts:

  • The LV in its name stands for lower volume.
  • Its sticky Vibram outsole is segmented, giving the arch a bit more mobility.
  • The Drago LV owes much of its stiffness to its 1-mm thick midsole.
  • This Scarpa rock shoe costs as much as its lace-up counterpart.


  • Just like most shoes with an aggressive downturn, the Drago LV can mount on micro-edges and get into tiny pockets without requiring too much technical footwork.
  • The extra-large patch of rubber around the inner side of its toe box and instep offers toe-hooking versatility, particularly on steep routes.
  • This bouldering and sport climbing shoe can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its heavily randed upper makes it a competent tool for traversing overhangs.


  • It favors those who have narrow feet. If you have normal-to-burly tootsies, try the regular Dragos.
  • Its synthetic upper stretches slightly with time, so choose your size wisely.
  • While it is cambered and rigid enough to grant enhanced edging support, it might not be the best shoe in smearing situations.

Drago LV vs. Furia Air: A head-to-head of two Scarpas

The Drago LV and the Furia Air are two of Scarpa’s exemplary climbing shoes. While they are both highly cambered kicks, they have interesting distinctions. The following are areas in which they differ:

Cost. Although both rock shoes are expensive, the Drago LV is cheaper than the competition by approximately $10. If you want to spend even way less, look into our lineup of budget-friendly pieces.

Weight. In terms of lightness, the Furia Air gives its name justice. Yes, it is lighter than the low-volume Drago by about 50 g.

Outsole. The Furia Air’s outsole is thinner around the heel zone than the one in the Drago LV.

Final word: If you prefer something less costly and the extra weight does not bother you, the Scarpa Drago LV is the way to go. Those who wish to climb light are better off with the Furia Air, however.


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