Scarpa Booster S notable features

-The Scarpa Booster is a supportive rock shoe engineered for climbers who wish to send projects with a combination of support, precision, and power. It is built with technologies that make it an aggressive performer without cranking up its weight.

-Wearers who would choose to don this Scarpa offering are promised enhanced underfoot support, thanks to the Tri-Tension system. This piece of brand-exclusive tech also provides heel-to-toe power transfer.


Downturn. The Booster S is a rock shoe with an aggressive downturn. Its beak-like toe zone is ideal for gaining purchase on tricky holds, such as nubbins, tiny edges, and micro-pockets.

Applications. This Scarpa rock climbing shoe is a tool intended for bouldering and sport climbing, whether indoors or outdoors. Its construction and set of components capacitate users to scale vertical faces safely and efficiently.


Scarpa’s Booster S is a low-top climb-centric shoe for men. It relies on its Velcro closure in providing wearers with a secure and personalized lockdown. Engineered with an unlined synthetic upper, this shoe offers a snug and intimate fit. Its curved interior is courtesy of its asymmetric shape.


Midsole. In the Booster S, climbers can expect to mount on edges and pockets with less energy spent thanks to the shoe’s Flexan midsole. This supportive layer is 1 millimeter thick.

Outsole. This aggressive rock shoe by Scarpa comes with the Vibram XS Grip 2 outsole for surface traction. It has an overall thickness of 3.5 millimeters. Its stickiness works on different types of terrain, especially on overhangs.


Synthetic leather, also known as microsuede, is the material prevalent in the Scarpa Booster S’ below-the-ankle upper. Its interior comes without a liner. It has a tongue made of mesh for extra breathability. A sturdy rand is built around its lower perimeter, giving users increased protection against abrasive hazards and additional climbing bite on certain surfaces. A textured patch with the Scarpa logo embossed on it reinforces the shoe’s toe box. This forefoot reinforcement provides added sticking power in toe-hooking situations. Built into the upper’s heel are two pull tabs for on-and-off assistance.

The Booster S’ closure system consists of two adjustable straps set through heavy-duty ladder loops. Both of these straps are engineered with hook-and-loop fasteners.

Scarpa Booster S vs. Instinct VSR

The Booster S is one of Scarpa’s selection of high-quality rock shoes. That said, so is the Instinct VSR. Choosing between the two could be either tricky or somewhat easy, depending on your preference and what you know about both. A number of aspects set the two climbing shoes apart. These differences will be covered in the list that follows.

Target audience. The featured shoe is built mainly for male climbers. The Scarpa Instinct VSR, on the other hand, is engineered as a unisex climbing shoe.

Downturn. The Booster S belongs to the brand’s aggressively downturned kicks, while its competitor is part of Scarpa’s roster of moderately downturned climbing shoes.

Asking price. This area is where the Instinct VSR shines. Indeed, it is cheaper than the Booster S by about $15. If you are into less expensive kicks, consider looking into some of the budget-friendliest climbing shoes featured on this site.

Upper. Both Scarpa offerings in this comparison sport unlined synthetic uppers. That said, the Booster S has two Velcro straps as opposed to the Instinct VSR’s one. The competition, on the other hand, has an extra pull tab at the tongue which the featured climbing shoe lacks.

Weight. If you are a kind of climber who values lightness strongly, you will likely side with the Scarpa Booster S. Yes, this aggressively downturned shoe is lighter than the Instinct VSR by roughly 20 grams.

Outsole. Although both products in this head-to-head use the same 3.5-mm thick Vibram outsole (XS Grip 2), only the Booster S’ heel zone comes with a ridged design.


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