Profile of the Saucony Vendetta 3

Use - Sporting the same versatility as its predecessor, the Saucony Vendetta 3 is designed mainly for mid-distance running meets. Its configuration generates best performances in running matches ranging from 400 meters to 5000 meters. 

Spike Type - Matched specifically for track rubber surfaces, the running spike is best paired with pyramid spikes. These pins are ¼ inch in length, providing an unparalleled grip on the ground for sure-footedness and propulsion. 

Spike Plate - A forefoot Pebax® plate is furnished to the outsole. This configuration keeps the runner on the toes for an explosive performance.

Updates to Saucony Vendetta 3

The Saucony Vendetta 3 has been revamped to deliver more spring and grip. This is the main idea behind its design. Because its predecessor has already fulfilled these qualities, minimal reconstruction has been made to the model. 

For a lighter and more swift track performance, a forefoot Pebax® spike plate is added to the track shoe's style. This fashion permits flexible traction. 

To cohere to the general lightness of the mid-distance spike, an open mesh is added to the makeup. This upper material induces ventilation for an odor-free running platform.

Size and fit

Similar to other Saucony track shoes, the Vendetta 3 is styled in standard width for both men and women. Users can purchase a pair using their usual size preference. 

To secure the fit of the shoe, an open mesh acts as the protective layer of the running spike. It is adaptable enough to envelop the contours of the foot. For lockdown, a traditional lace-up closure is deployed.


The outsole of the Vendetta 3 features a combination of rubber and Pebax® plate. This composition allows for featherlight yet durable traction. 

A forefoot Pebax® plate is introduced to prompt grip and sturdiness. This outsole component is recognized for maintaining a light profile. Moreover, it is also ideal since it does not constrict the foot movements of the athlete with its flexible properties. 

To complement the solid build of the spike plate, rubber runs on the mid-distance spike's outsole. Not only does it help with maintaining high-strength characteristics, but it also heightens the running shoe's traction.


For a responsive cushioning, an injection-molded EVA foam is positioned in the midsole. This technical material is also known for exhibiting durability, withstanding natural wear and tear.


To deliver sufficient airflow into the foot chamber, an open mesh is used as the upper material of the Vendetta 3. This fabric wraps around the contours of foot comfortably, locking it in place. It also adheres to the ultra-light construction of the track shoe. 

For a dialed-in, accurate fit, a classic lacing system is implemented on the upper. This pushes the foot into the midsole for extended security. The same fastening system is integrated into the Adidas Distancestar and the Nike Zoom D.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 150g / Women 136g
Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running
Features: Removable Spikes
Spike Type: Pyramid
Spike Size: 1/4-inch
Surface: Dirt, Rubber

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