Profile of the Saucony Vendetta

Use - Designed for middle-distance races, the Saucony Vendetta is perfect for running events ranging from 400 meters to 3,200 meters. Since the configuration of this spike is intended for versatility, the Vendetta is also an ideal track and field spike that can perform in multiple events. 

Spike Type - For a lightweight, aggressive surface grip, there are 6 pyramid spike pins affixed to the spike plate. These pins are ¼ inch in length and are removable for versatile traction.

Spike Plate - Since the Vendetta is designed to highlight its lightweight composition, as well as its traction, its spike plate features a Pebax® plate. The same plate design found in the Nike Zoom Victory 3. The Pebax® plate also gives the Vendetta durability and flexibility. 

Notable Features

Speed is very essential in winning a track and field running event. That is why the Saucony Vendetta is fashioned in such a way that it has minimal weight and provides superb surface traction. Such elements of the shoe help deliver a powerful and swift ride to the athlete. 

This is manifested in the upper design of the Saucony track shoe as it utilizes a mesh upper. It secures a breathable, secure wrap around the foot. 

Another notable element of the shoe is its Pebax® plate that still adheres to its lightweight design while ensuring durability and flexibility. 

Size and fit

Cohering to the foot of the Saucony Vendetta is its lace-up closure system that’s welded to its upper. It allows an adjustable fit to the foot. Further, the mesh upper of this running spike gives a breathable and secure wrap around the foot. 

The Saucony Vendetta is available in standard sizing scheme for both male and female athletes.


The track surfaces have different hazardous and abrasive elements that may damage the athlete’s track spikes. That is why with Saucony Vendetta, a rubber outsole acts as the protective layer of the shoe. Rubber outsoles are known for enabling good surface grip and traction, as well as durability. 

Just like the layout of most track and field running spikes, a Pebax® plate is integrated into the design of the shoe. It has a 6-spike configuration, which also incorporates a removable-spike feature. Moreover, the plate is known for being lightweight, rigid, yet flexible—allowing free movement of the foot. 


The midsole of the Saucony Vendetta is composed of an injection-molded ethylene-vinyl acetate (IMEVA) foam. This foam is responsible for enhancing the foot's in-shoe comfort, as well as ensuring the responsiveness of the shoe. 


One of Saucony Vendetta’s promise is to deliver a lightweight running experience. That is why the upper of the shoe consists of a mesh material. The mesh material, other than employing minimal weight, allows a breathable wrap around the foot. This secures not only a healthy foot environment but also a secure and lockdown fit to the foot. 

A traditional lace-up closure gives the track spike a comfortable and customizable fit. 

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 150g / Women 136g
Update: Saucony Vendetta 3
Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running
Features: Removable Spikes
Spike Type: Pyramid
Spike Size: 1/4-inch

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