Who should buy the Saucony Velocity 5

The Saucony Velocity 5 is a versatile running spike best recommended for:

  • running and jumping meets 
  • sprints, hurdles, middle distance races

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Profile of the Saucony Velocity 5

Use – The Velocity 5 is engineered to serve multi-purpose functions in both running and jumping meets. For running matches, it can cater to sprints, mid-distance races, and hurdles. 

Spike Type – To generate optimal grip on the track surface, pyramid pins are attached to the running platform. These pins are ¼ inch in height, sinking into the ground with every stride. These also have a featherlight composition for lessened bulk. 

Spike Plate – Similar to the Nike Zoom 400, a Pebax plate is equipped to the outsole. It gives a steady push-off to the runner and has high impact resistance.

Saucony Velocity 5 profile

Updates to the Saucony Velocity 5 

  • Enhancements is the addition of a new mesh upper and a welded quarter frame. These components are intended to deliver a light yet supportive platform. 
  • Its plate configuration still features the same seven-pin layout. Its purpose is to enable grippy traction on a variety of track surfaces. 
  • For added grip and protection, the outsole is still graced with an XT900 rubber. It is a carbon rubber that exhibits slip resistance and durability.

Saucony Velocity 5 updates

Holds the foot securely in place

The Saucony Velocity 5 is designed using the standard width. Both male and female users can get a pair with their usual size preference.

Saucony Velocity 5 holds the foot securely

Holding the foot securely in place is the welded quarter frame of the track running spike. It also promotes structural reinforcement. 

Velocity 5 offers flexibility, strength, and traction

Paired with the welded quarter frame is the mesh upper. It is a material that exhibits foot-conforming characteristics for maximum security and comfort.

Saucony Velocity 5 flexibility, strength, and traction

The outsole of the Saucony Velocity 5 is a combination of both rubber outsole and distance plate. These technical elements amplify flexibility, strength, and traction. 

Pliable and smooth

A seven-well Pebax plate is made of thermoplastic polymer. Such a compound exhibits high-strength qualities, pronouncing protection from natural wear and tear.

Saucony Velocity 5 pedax plate

Moreover, its makeup also offers pliability and smoothness—allowing underfoot comfort. Its engineering also for impact resistance, preventing injury to the foot. 

Added grip and flexibility

An XT900 rubber outsole is composed of carbon rubber. Its attributes include durability, added grip, and flexibility.

Saucony Velocity 5 outsole

These elements are fundamental in executing a robust performance on the tracks. A die-cut EVA midsole foam is embedded within the foot chamber of the Velocity 5. 

Highly durable and responsive

Its engineering is one that addresses weight trimming while maximizing comfort and responsiveness. It is also highly durable, resisting deterioration.

Saucony Velocity 5 Highly durable and responsive

Moreover, it protects the foot from trauma by offering shock attenuation. Similar to the Nike Zoom Rival S 9, the Saucony Velocity 5’s upper is composed of mesh. 

Saucony Velocity 5 provides optimal ventilation

It supplies an adaptive fit to the wearer, following the natural shape of the foot. It serves as an airflow system with the perforations it employs. Optimal ventilation is achieved, promoting a healthy foot environment.

Saucony Velocity 5 optimal ventilation

The upper material is complemented with the newly introduced welded quarter frame. It holds the foot in place, eliminating possibilities of shoe removal during training or competition.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 187g / Women 164g
Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running
Features: Removable Spikes
Spike Type: Pyramid
Surface: Rubber
Use: Sprints, Mid Distance, Hurdles

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Zack Dunn

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