Who should buy the Saucony Uplift HJ 2

The Saucony Uplift HJ 2 is a supportive track spike recommended for:

  • beginners and elite-level track athletes
  • high jumping training and competitions

Saucony Uplift HJ 2 saucony

Profile of the Saucony Uplift HJ 2

Use – The second iteration to the Saucony Uplift HJ series is specially designed for high jumping. With a reliable set of outsole components, this track spike is designated to help jumpers from all levels compete, bringing out their maximum potential. 

Spike Type – Since the Uplift HJ 2 is built for rubber surfaces, the removable spikes that aid in the grip and traction of the shoe are pyramid spikes. These spikes are ⅜- inch in diameter. 

Spike Plate – Following the configuration of most jumping shoes, the Saucony Uplift HJ 2 features a Pebax plate. It enhances the traction of the track spike, as well as enable flexibility to allow for unrestricted foot movements. 

Moreover, such a component promotes the durability of the shoe, allowing it to perform even on harsh conditions.

Saucony Uplift HJ 2 profile

Updates to the Saucony Uplift HJ 2 

  • One of the improvements made to the track shoe is the redesigned upper, which now integrates the ISOFIT system. This technology from Saucony permits support that helps stabilize the athlete. 
  • Another noticeable update is also furnished to the upper- the integration of a midfoot cross strap. T gives the shoe a lockdown and secure fit. 
  • A not so visible refinement made to the Uplift HJ 2 is the incorporation of an EVA midsole. This material furthers the cushioning of the underfoot, thus, enabling comfort and support.

Saucony Uplift HJ 2 updates

Offers a natural and secure fit

Adapting to the contours of the foot to provide a natural and secure fit is Saucony’s revolutionary ISOFIT system that’s integrated to the track shoe’s upper.

Saucony Uplift HJ 2 Offers a natural and secure fit

Providing lockdown is the midfoot strap that’s furnished to the upper. The lace-up closure of shoe, meanwhile, gives a customizable wrap across the foot. 

Uplift HJ 2 delivers superb grip and traction

The Saucony Uplift HJ 2 is available in unisex sizing measurement. It is advised that female users should purchase the shoe by going 1.5 sizes down. This is to ensure that accurate fit and size is achieved.

Saucony Uplift HJ 2 delivers superb grip and traction

Presenting one of Saucony’s innovative and reliable outsole material, the shoe is designed with the brand’s XT-600 outsole. A component that’s made of carbon rubber for superb grip and traction, while employing durability. 

Lightweight and durable

To top it all off, the Pebax plate of the shoe features 11 spike receptacles 4 receptacles in the heel, and 7 in the forefoot. These receptacles are responsible for accommodating the removable pyramid spikes of the shoe, optimizing traction.

Saucony Uplift HJ 2 pedax plate

The Pebax plate is known for being lightweight and durable, allowing not only traction but also protection, especially during harsh conditions. What’s also unique about this spike plate is that it gives room for flexibility. 

Offers underfoot cushioning

To deliver comfort and support during training and competition, the midsole of the Saucony Uplift HJ 2 is graced with an internal EVA midsole. It also heightens the underfoot cushioning of the shoe.

Saucony Uplift HJ 2 Offers underfoot cushioning

EVA is known for employing durability that acts as a preventive piece when it comes to the shoe’s natural wear-and-tear. It is also very lightweight, and the same midsole component is also found in the Adidas Distancestar. 

Ensures a breathable wrap

Most of the updates made to the shoe are found in its upper. For one, the ISOFIT system is a proprietary technology from Saucony that allows the mesh upper of the shoe to basically conform to the natural contours of the foot.

Saucony Uplift HJ 2 breathable wrap

This where the benefit of comfort and ideal comfort comes in. Moreover, the mesh upper of the shoe also secures a breathable wrap around the foot. 

Saucony Uplift HJ 2 provides a lockdown fit

Also embellished to the upper are the shoe’s Flex Film overlays. These are made out of a thin film that’s bonded to the upper for structural integrity.

Saucony Uplift HJ 2 overlay

Lastly, a cross strap is attached to the upper for a secure wrap over the midfoot. It is made out of Velcro strap that provides lockdown to the foot so that athletes can focus on their competition.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 283g
Closure: Lace-up, Hook and loop
Event: Jumping
Features: Removable Spikes
Spike Type: Pyramid
Spike Size: 3/8-inch
Surface: Rubber

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