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5 reasons to buy

  • A couple of customers commend the featherlight bulk of the Saucony Showdown 3.
  • It offers ample stability, claimed numerous reviewers. 
  • Some athletes applaud the responsiveness of the track spike. 
  • Quite a few customers hail the comfort delivered by the sprinting shoe. 
  • According to several users, the running shoe enhanced their propulsion.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some critics have expressed that the track and field spike is not so grippy.
  • The shoe easily wears out, observed multiple purchasers.

Bottom line

Focused on yielding maximum speed, the Saucony Showdown 3 exhibits an aggressive plate design. With its revamped configuration, the track running spike sheds off some weight without sacrificing support and grip. Incorporating Saucony's premier technology, ISOFIT system, the sprinting shoe offers a sock-like fit for a comfortable and secure ride.

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Use - The Saucony Showdown 3 is best used for sprinting meets. Its featherlight profile matched with aggressive traction generate a robust performance in events ranging from 100 to 400 meters. 

Spike Type - There are ten pyramid pins assigned to the spike plate of the track shoe. These are detachable and measure ¼ inch in length, following the standard measurement for sprinting matches. These dig into the track surface, providing stable performance. 

Spike Plate - A full-length Pebax® plate with a ten-well layout is fashioned into the outsole. This plate employs minimal weight while maintaining optimal rigidity for propulsion. It also serves aggressive traction on the surface to complement the pace of the runner.

  • The aim of the updated features of the Showdown 3 is to improve weight, fit, support, and comfort.
  • Such a feat has been achieved with the help of the ISOFIT system of the track running spike. This promotes a sock-like fit for security without putting up too much weight.
  • For support, Flex Film overlays are embellished on the upper. These enhance the fit of the shoe while keeping weight at a minimum.
  • To amplify underfoot cushioning, a Pebax® plate is fashioned into the outsole. It attenuates shock with every foot strike of the runner.

The Saucony Showdown 3 is designed using the standard width for both men and women. Thus, users can purchase a pair with their usual size preference. 

The fit of the sprint spike is affected by the ISOFIT system, which integrates both mesh upper and Flex Film overlays. This construction allows for a glove-like wrap and support while keeping weight down.

A ten-pin Pebax® plate is affixed to the outsole composition of the Saucony Showdown 3. It is a high-strength, polymer-based plate that lengthens the longevity of the shoe by protecting it from abrasive elements. It is known for exhibiting stiffness, fundamental for a propulsive ride. 

The composition of the distance plate is relevant to the overall makeup of the sprint spike—ultra-light engineering. It also imposes shock mitigation, protecting the foot from any injury. The same spike plate is present in the Nike Zoom Matumbo 3.

To trim down the weight as much as possible, Saucony did not add any cushioning in the midsole.

The general configuration of the upper follows Saucony’s ISOFIT system. This technology integrates the mesh upper and Flex Film overlays of the sprint shoe. Because of such construction, a sock-like fit is delivered.

The mesh upper is responsible for wrapping the foot with a generous amount of comfort. It is tasked with supplying sufficient ventilation into the foot chamber. This helps prevent bacteria build-up that causes odor. Moreover, its flexibility allows for it to envelope the natural shape and contours of the foot, amplifying security. 

For support, Flex Film overlays are bonded to the upper. These employ minimal weight while maximizing the lockdown of the shoe. This prevents premature removal of the running spike.

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