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6 reasons to buy

  • Several purchasers appreciate the ample support provided by the Saucony Showdown 2. 
  • It is very durable, commended quite a few customers. 
  • Many wearers hail the high-quality materials integrated into the track shoe’s design. 
  • A lot of athletes claim that the sprint spike heightened their speed. 
  • Some runners laud the lightness of the running shoe
  • According to many, it has a secure fit.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some buyers have expressed that the track spike is too tight. 
  • A few reviewers have observed that it’s uncomfortable.

Bottom line

Introduced as an elite-level sprinting spike, the Saucony Showdown 2 is said to be the lightest and strongest. Boasting some of Saucony’s high-grade technologies, the track spike is packed with support and lockdown. With its componentry, a superior grip for a stable performance is unleashed, permitting the contender to deliver unparalleled speed.

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Use - The Showdown 2 is a track running shoe that’s engineered specifically for sprinting matches. These tournaments can range from 100 meters to 400 meters. 

Spike Type - To supplement powerful traction, ten pyramid spike pins are affixed to the track spike. These are replaceable and measure ¼ inch in length, maximizing the propulsion of the sprinter. Its fashion is intended to attend to the different needs of the users. 

Spike Plate - A full-length Pebax® plate is furnished to the track shoe, featuring a ten-pin design. It houses the removable spikes of the running platform for multi-surface traction. It keeps a good balance of rigidity and lightness for a propulsive performance on the tracks.

With the second iteration of the famous Showdown series, support and lockdown have always been a priority. 

With the help of the ISOFIT system of the track spike, an adaptive and supportive fit is promoted. The technology also employs minimal weight. 

To complement the ISOFIT system, the Pro Lock™ system is introduced. It features precision-placed eyelets for a customizable fit.

The Saucony Showdown 2 is configured using the standard width for both men and women. Users can get a pair using their usual size preference. It advised that before proceeding to purchase, customers should go through various feedback or try on the fit of the shoe first. 

The fit of the Showdown 2 is directly affected by some of its components. One of these is the Pro Lock™ system, which closes the platform securely. This is complemented by the ISOFIT system, which integrates the mesh upper and Flex Film overlays. These technical elements wrap snugly around the foot, providing optimal security.

The outsole of the Showdown 2 presents a full-length Pebax® plate—also found in the Nike Zoom Victory 3. It is made of thermoplastic polymer that’s distinguished for exhibiting sturdiness and lightness. Such qualities promote the forward motion of the runner, heightening speed. It also helps mitigate shock upon impact by serving as an underfoot cushioning. 

To increase traction, even more, an XT Lite heel is added to the outsole. It also enhances the durability of the shoe, protecting it from abrasive track elements.

To keep the weight of the Saucony Showdown 2 at an absolute minimum, no midsole material has been added. Serving as the cushioning of the foot is the Pebax® plate.

Sporting Saucony’s proprietary upper innovation—ISOFIT system—the Showdown 2 boasts featherlight support and security. It integrates the mesh upper and Flex Film overlays. Together, these keep the foot locked in place, preventing unwanted shoe removal. 

The ISOFIT system also features the Pro Lock™ system. It consists of precision-placed eyelets that provide a dialed-in, accurate fit. Such a fastening system keeps the foot in place with every stride of the sprinter.

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