Who should buy the Saucony Lanzar Jav 2

The Saucony Lanzar Jav 2 is high-performance track and field shoe recommended for:

  • elite-level javelin throwers
  • training and throwing events

Saucony Lanzar Jav 2 saucony

Profile of the Saucony Lanzar Jav 2

Use – Equipped with durable and supportive materials, the Lanzar Jav 2 is configured to deliver optimal performance in throwing meets. Its fashion is one that specializes in assisting athletes in the javelin throw. 

Spike Type – Since throwing events demand ample stability and surface grip, this track and field throwing shoe is outfitted with 11 pyramid spikes. These come in ⅜- inch in length for maximum traction. 

Spike Plate – For durable, featherlight performance, the throwing spike is furnished with a Pebax plate. It contains 11 spike receptacles to accommodate the removable pyramid pins of the shoe. 

With such composition, the track spike is able to address the different needs of the athletes. 

Saucony Lanzar Jav 2 profile

Updates to the Saucony Lanzar Jav 2 

  • Most important enhancement given to the Lanzar Jav 2 is the integration of Saucony's ISOFIT system, which is responsible for the lockdown support provided by the throwing shoe. 
  • The makeup of the shoe now features a ¾ profile for better ankle support and comfortable fit for the wearer.  

Saucony Lanzar Jav 2 updates

Snug, sock-like wrap

The Lanzar Jav 2 is listed in unisex sizing, patterned after men’s sizing measurement in medium width. Female throwers are advised to deduct 1.5 from their usual size preference.

Saucony Lanzar Jav 2 Snug, sock-like wrap

The incorporation of the ISOFIT system in the upper of the shoe is responsible for its snug, sock-like wrap around the foot. For added security, a cross strap in the midfoot is utilized. 

Lanzar Jav 2 maximizes propulsion

Flaunting an outsole like that of its predecessor, the Saucony Lanzar Jav 2 exhibits a combination of both Pebax plate and rubber outsole.

Saucony Lanzar Jav 2 outsole

The spike plate of the shoe is famous for enabling the right balance of rigidity and weight, maximizing the propulsion of the athlete. It also employs flexible properties, permitting unrestricted foot movements for more natural flex. 

Comfortable cushioning

Located in the shoe’s midsole is a CMEVA foam. It is composed of TPU pellets that are heated then cooled in a mold. This material is tasked to supplement the cushioning in the underfoot, allowing comfort.

Saucony Lanzar Jav 2 midsole

Such a component also presents a highly durable configuration, preventing natural wear and tear. 

Adaptive fit

What makes a Saucony track spike is the reliable elements and proprietary innovations added to its overall construction. This is especially true with the Saucony Lanzar Jav 2. It sports the renowned ISOFT system from the brand.

Saucony Lanzar Jav 2 adaptive fit

The upper technology is meant to adapt to the foot’s shape and size, providing glove-like, snug wrap around the foot. 

Saucony Lanzar Jav 2 provides ankle support

The cross strap that runs across the midfoot pushes the foot down into the midsole, preventing any slippage and unwanted shoe removal. A durable forefoot synthetic accommodates the foot into the platform while enabling security.

Saucony Lanzar Jav 2 ankle support

Lastly, for improved ankle support, the shoe is designed with a ¾ profile. It also prevents displacement of the throwing spike from occurring.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 312g
Closure: Lace-up, Hook and loop
Event: Throwing
Features: Removable Spikes
Spike Type: Pyramid
Spike Size: 3/8-inch
Surface: Rubber, Grass

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