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The Saucony Jazz Original Vintage shoes are unisex old-school kicks that were constructed to feel as light and agile as possible to keep up with your rapid pace. The low-top construction allows plenty of unrestricted movement for your ankles.

As is common with retro kicks, there is little arch support to be found in the shoes. The tongues are also not padded, which contributes to the overall light weight. 

The shoes use a regular lacing system with flat laces and six pairs of eyelets to secure the shoes to the feet.

Saucony Jazz Original Vintage Style

Walk comfortably anywhere you wish while rocking these timeless kicks. Saucony Jazz Original Vintage sneakers make any getup look more upscale with their classic styling.


  • Men can rock the Saucony Jazz Original Vintage shoes in a black and grey colorway (grey/black/white) with corduroy pants and a plaid shirt under a button-up knitted cardigan.
  • Saucony Jazz Original Vintage in red hues (flame/maroon) look great when matched with selvedge denim and a statement tee.


  • Women can pair their Saucony Jazz Original Vintage sneakers in a yellow shade (cement/yellow) with a tight beige puffer vest over a fitted long-sleeved hoodie and leggings.
  • Saucony Jazz Original Vintage women’s shoes in grey & white (grey/blue/white can style up an outfit made out of a simple V-neck shirt and tight dark jeans.

Notable Features

The silhouette that the Saucony women’s and men’s Jazz Original Vintage shoes were based on was specifically designed to provide balance, comfort, and impact absorption for the runner. Even though these heritage-inspired kicks are intended for casual use, they have retained much of the elements that made the original so well-acclaimed within running circles. Walking long miles in these sneakers is a breeze with their excellent cushioning, ergonomic fit, and grippy lug outsoles.

Saucony Jazz Original Vintage History

Saucony got its name from Saucony Creek on the banks of which the company established its first factory in 1898. It was bought by an athletic footwear company named Hyde Athletic Industries in 1910. Hyde Athletic Industries was also known for producing excellent brands such as PF Flyer and SpotBilt (this is the brand that famously offered the most cash to Michael Jordan to sign up with them instead of with Nike).

In the late 70s, two of the shoes under the Saucony brand placed in Runner’s World magazine’s top 10. By the late 80s, when Saucony became the most dominant brand under the company, the brand officially changed its name to Saucony from Hyde Athletic Industries.

Saucony Jazz Original Vintage shoes come from this renowned athletic shoe company that has always consistently placed among the top brands when it comes to running kicks. Even today, Saucony running shoes remain top placers in running shoe lists worldwide. And since Saucony Jazz Original shoes were originally designed as performance footwear, you can just imagine how celebrated they were when they were first launched.

Saucony Jazz Originals

Saucony Jazz Originals, which came out in 1981, were the result of the brand’s dreams of producing the best running trainers in the world. The silhouette was designed with the assistance of a leading podiatrist, Frank Santopietro, who worked on delivering shoes that would provide more balance for the running enthusiast and still remain lightweight. The footwear was intended to make runners more able to handle long-distance running and be comfortable throughout their journey.

The silhouette had triangular lug outsoles called the Maxitrac, which not only provided excellent traction but also created a piston-like suspension system. This system has continued to inspire Saucony outsoles that are still being produced and used today. Saucony Jazz shoes also feature a low-top profile, ergonomic-fit sock inserts, and a ‘Butterfly Balance’ design. As a testament to the sneakers’ outstanding performance, Saucony Jazz Originals were named as the best quality trainers of the 80s.

Saucony Jazz Original Vintage

The Jazz remains one of the core models of the Saucony brand. In 2017, Saucony once more delved into its rich archives and dropped a new rendition of the Jazz Original called the Jazz Original Vintage. The design and materials have remained mostly the same except for the addition of new mesh fabric at the toeboxes for enhanced ventilation.

The shoes swiftly captured the attention of fans of the original classic and are now one of the most popular Saucony Jazz iterations. The shoes are available in several interesting color schemes including blue and yellow, tonal yellow, olive and white, and blue, white, and gold.

Additional Info

  • Saucony Jazz Original Vintage sneakers feature uppers made of a combination of suede, nylon, and mesh.
  • Each shoe weighs around 255 grams.


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