Who should buy the Saucony Jazz Court RFG

The Jazz Court RFG is equal parts a statement and a grungy-yet-stylish sneaker. Purchase it if:

  • Your wardrobe is filled with pieces that promote green living.
  • Minimalist shoes make your heart skip a beat in excitement.
  • You like wearing faded straight jeans.
  • You want to give the leather OG model a fabric counterpart.

Who should not buy it

If you're having second thoughts about the Jazz Court RFG's durability, set your sights instead on the considerably tougher Saucony Bullet. Also, if you need something that offers more support, and a pain-alleviating kind at that, opt for the Saucony Shadow Original.

The Jazz Court RFG's tongue-tying comfort

When it comes to comfort, the Saucony Jazz Court RFG is phenomenal, and numerous reviewers agree. We've rounded up the most resonating comfort-related remarks in the following:

  • "They feel like house shoes."
  • "Extremely comfortable all day."
  • "Feels good with bare feet."
  • "As comfortable as wearing slippers."

The shoe in question breaks in quickly, too, so wearing one requires no prep time.

Quite sustainable but at a cost

Many sneakerheads adore the Jazz Court RFG for its go-green construction. One reviewer hails it as "a killer recyclable interlude for the Jazz Series." Another sneaker fan is just happy about it being more easily biodegradable than other shoes.

Unfortunately, this nature-saving move by Saucony translates to a flimsy sneaker. Many reports paint the Jazz Court RFG as pretty weak, with a reviewer saying, "don’t wear them often, because they’re delicate." There are also blunter remarks such as "fell apart way too fast" and "their durability is horrible."

Amid such criticisms are more reports about the shoe's upper ripping and developing holes. These tears and punctures usually happen where the toe box meets the sole unit.

Easy steps in the Saucony Jazz Court RFG

The Jazz Court RFG is undeniably flexible and light, according to numerous sneakerheads. One of them says that it's "so soft, like wearing air." Another one says that it "feels like wearing slippers."

A surprisingly tenacious beast

There are those who are floored by the featured Saucony shoe's adhesive power. Its "gum sole is stickier than other shoes," says a sneaker collector.

Jazz Court RFG: Your ticket to small talks

With comments like "awesomely cool and stylish" and "I get a compliment every time I wear them," it's clear that the Saucony Jazz Court RFG is a big W (win) in the aesthetics category. A reviewer also said that whenever she receives a compliment, she uses the opportunity to talk about eco-friendly options.

Not the most supportive on the market

Another misfire of this shoe is its lackluster support system. A reviewer says that his Jazz Court RFGs have "absolutely no arch support" and that "for active use, they don't cut it." Another one says that, underfoot, "it feels like I’m wearing several pairs of socks," alluding to the fact that the shoe's insole is all cushioning, no support.

Facts / Specs

Base model: Saucony Jazz Court
Style: Minimalist, Retro, Sporty
Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Collection: Saucony Jazz
Closure: Laces
Material: Textile, Wool, Rubber Sole / Fabric

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