Who should buy the Saucony Jazz 81

The Jazz 81 is among the well-loved runners from Saucony's ‘80s archives, which transitioned into a street-ready sneaker and tweaked in many reinterpretations. Buy it if:

  • You want to wear something that instantly draws the attention of onlookers.
  • You're on your feet for almost the entire day.
  • Snazzy leather sneakers that can keep your feet sweat-free are what you desire.
  • You can't get enough of low-priced shoes, especially from Saucony.

Saucony Jazz 81 buy

Who should NOT buy it

You're better off bagging the Saucony Jazz Low Pro if you prefer not to put up with the color bleeding issues of the Jazz 81. Also, check out the Saucony Jazz Original Vintage if you want something more solidly built.

Saucony Jazz 81 gy

The Jazz 81's extraordinary suppleness

New and long-time Saucony fans find the Saucony Jazz 81 mighty comfy everywhere.

Saucony Jazz 81 comfy

A standout in the crowd

Reviewers are downright impressed with the gawk-worthy appeal of this offering. They are particularly floored by the shoe's bold colors, which make mixing and matching with it quite a cakewalk.

Saucony Jazz 81 flash

Saucony Jazz 81 equals charmingly timeless

It’s one of those running-inspired retro kicks that exude an undeniably classic appeal.

Saucony Jazz 81 ageless

Beware the ink

Some of the colors used on the synthetic suede bleed. This can either make the mesh lining look untidy or your feet all inked up.

Saucony Jazz 81 ink

A breezy kick for your everyday grind

People enjoy wearing this sneaker for most of their daily activities. As a cherry on top, the shoe is quite airy, making everyday grind under the sun as comfy as possible.

Saucony Jazz 81 grind

A tad flimsier than before

There are those who find this revamp less durable than its previous builds. Some say that its upper around the forefoot blows out way too soon, while others find the lugs on its outsole not as durable.

Saucony Jazz 81 dura

Broad-footed peeps are invited

Its relaxed fit is a blessing to sneakerheads with wide feet.

Saucony Jazz 81 wide

Updates to the Saucony Jazz 81

When it comes to running shoes, Saucony has over a century of remarkable kicks in its track record. The Jazz 81 is among the reshaped versions that exhibit premium detailing while retaining its vintage silhouette. Detailed below are the things that make this revamped iteration worth your while: 

  • It uses high-caliber, buttery Wolverine suede and a hard-wearing nylon mesh in place of the traditional nylon and suede.
  • For a more refined look, the stitched S-logo on the lateral side was removed. 
  • Some Jazz 81 variations use UV-ink on the upper that changes color under the sun.

The Saucony Jazz family

  • The Original is pumped with a purely classic appeal offering moderate arch support.
  • The Low Pro is much cheaper than the Jazz 81, with a slimmed-down outsole thinner than the original.
  • The Vintage comes with an unpadded tongue and a budget-friendlier price tag than the Jazz 81.

Facts / Specs

Style: Minimalist, Retro, Sporty
Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Collection: Saucony Jazz
Closure: Laces
Material: Suede, Nylon, Mesh, EVA, Rubber Sole / Fabric
Season: Spring, Summer

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