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5 reasons to buy

  • Some users believe that the Saucony Hurricane 22 has allowed them to be speedy without worrying about underfoot support.
  • The cushioning system is likened to being a cloud on which the foot can rest.
  • Based on a handful of reviews, this edition of the Hurricane has an upper unit that is able to secure the foot properly.
  • Those with foot and leg concerns like easily injured muscles and tendons are happy that the stability mechanisms are able to stave off discomfort and strain.
  • The aesthetics are welcomed by shoe enthusiasts that gravitate towards appealing footwear-facades.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few people believe that the in-shoe experience is a bit loose, particularly near the heel area.
  • A couple of runners have reported that the medial midfoot stability is a bit too much that they have noted some unusual outward rolling of the foot during the run.

Bottom line

The Hurricane 22 from Saucony aims for a performance that is confident and well-supported. Runners who are afraid because the tendons and muscles of their feet might get injured during the run can go to this product and believe that it can stabilize and render comfort. Secure coverage and appealing looks can also be the elements that solidify this model's accommodating construction.

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As someone aspiring to run longer distances, I’ve been looking for a replacement for my long favoured and now defunct shoe of choice.

Armed with no more than my credit card and a couple of hours of free time that I’d carved out, I went back to the running shop that first took care of me to see what they had to offer. I wasn’t disappointed!


The Facts

Purchase Price: £140

Surface: Road

Foot Type: Overpronation

Drop: 8mm

For the purposes of this review, I have covered 129km/80 miles over 5 runs.

As Saucony waves goodbye to the ISO series of shoes, and with it the Everun midsole, a new dawn has broken bringing with it improvements to FORMFIT and the introduction of PWRRUN+, a midsole foam claiming to be 28% lighter than its predecessor. With that, there are always going to be big hopes pinned on these shoes.



The upper on the Hurricane’s has been designed to do a job well, I can barely find a fault. It isn’t a truly beautiful shoe, but that isn’t the point of these; it is all about the fit and comfort.

These shoes are phenomenal in terms of their fit and comfort. The only downside to the upper on these is that there are only two colourways! If you don’t like grey or black (I really like the grey), then you may well miss out.

As you would expect with a Saucony shoe, the heel collar is large and plush and wraps itself around your achilles like a perfect hug would embrace you. The sock liner is well designed; no erroneous stitching to rub and cause blisters here!



The weak link in the upper portion of the shoe is the insole. There is very little substance here and the foam is thin and flimsy.

I have noticed that on my longer tempo runs that my arches ache a little from a lack of support. This alone is not something that makes me regret purchasing the Hurricane's, but it does take the shine off of what I feel is otherwise an excellent shoe.



One of the revelations of purchasing this shoe is the laces. I never knew that they could make so much difference. Saucony has garnished the Hurricane’s with what feels like a slightly elasticated lace.

This means that the first couple of times, I was over tightening my shoes, but now that I’ve gotten to grips with the laces, they are perfect.

Even as your feet swell on a long run, the laces accommodate the growth and prevent ‘hotspots’ from occurring. Absolute genius!



The breathability of the upper is as good as any other shoe that I’ve worn; on a long hot run, my feet got warm, as you’d expect, but there was only a light amount of sweating, which was great!

The insole isn’t particularly noteworthy, other than to mention that it does allow some heat to dissipate.


On first look at the midsole, the clean flat finish has gone and a mild rippled effect has been brought in. This is reminiscent of the Adidas Boost midsoles, and not unwelcome.



As one would expect with a support shoe, there is a large block/frame/bar running under the arch of your foot ensuring that no unwanted roll occurs through each foot strike. The support element of these shoes works well.

I have maxed out on a 44km run (27 miles) and felt no ill effects. In fact, when I arrived back from this particular run, I still felt good!

My legs had been perfectly cushioned all the way around the run, without having the energy sapped out of them (as you would expect from a spongy/sloppy midsole). And neither were my legs beaten and sore as if I had been running with an overly firm shoe.

I admit that the extra ‘heft’ of a long-distance shoe such as this does show in the depth of the midsole, and the weight of the shoe, but for those looking to put in the bigger miles on a regular basis, neither of these should concern you.


Both the midsole and the outsole work really well together offering a high level of flexibility and deliver a great transition as your foot works its way through the gait cycle.

Even though there is great flexibility within these shoes, it is important to reiterate that this in no way comes at the cost of support.

Having alluded to the fact that these shoes are on the heavier/maximal end of the scale, it may be expected that the Hurricane’s lack the same level of response as an out and out race shoe, but they don’t!

Along with many other runners, I want to run a sub three-hour marathon, and in these early days I can see these being the shoes to do it in. I have run blocks of training runs at a pace quicker than is required to break three and they felt good!!

The rubber between you and the road needs to hold you firm, and this does. Be it road or a compacted dirt path by the side of a river, these shoes grip well. As a shoe in good weather, traction is never going to be an issue.



When it comes to durability, runners want to know if a pair of shoes are a solid investment. The Hurricane’s come with a fairly hefty price tag (almost as hefty as the midsole appears), but that’s sort of the point.

If you believe in the mantra ‘you get what you pay for’ then you are getting a high mileage, durable shoe that will look after both your feet and legs for mile after mile.


  • A great long distance support shoe
  • Unrivaled comfort
  • Laces that are a game changer
  • A midsole foam that lives up to its billing


  • I love these shoes, I really can’t find any legitimate reasons!


Being completely objective, these shoes aren’t perfect. I don’t think any are!?! With that said, hand on my heart, and hand in my wallet, I would buy these all over again without a second thought.

Yes, I would love them to be cheaper, but I honestly believe that these shoes are worth £140 based upon the incredible durability that they have displayed to date. The little flaws that may stop some from buying these are all about form over function.

I’m all about function over form, and these are currently my favourite shoes. I look forward to running in them and seeing them makes me think about squeezing in an extra run, even when I know that I shouldn’t.

The only caveat that I should put in here is this: the Saucony Hurricane 22’s are a shoe for long distance runners, and boy, do they love to go long!

| Level 2 expert Verified
Hello, I'm Neil, a club runner who is pushing on to become a 'good for age' runner in the next few years. I've been sub 20 minutes at 5km, sub 40 minutes at 10km, and sub 90 minutes for the half marathon. My dream is to break three hours for the marathon. I've been lucky enough to run the London Marathon, and I'm hoping to complete all of the Abbott World Majors.

Good to know

  • The 22nd version of the Hurricane is an update to a well-known series of Saucony running shoes designed for the overpronator. The overall construction moves away from its immediate predecessor, the Hurricane ISO 5, as it removes the ISOFIT overlay system. The name of the shoe also goes back to the original moniker, recognizing the ISO iterations as upgrades to the Hurricane 17, then resuming at the 22nd spot.
  • Underfoot cushioning is the responsibility of the PWRRUN+, a technology that is touted to be 25% lighter than other Saucony cushioning units. It is supported by a Medial TPU Guidance Frame for pronation-correction and a rubber outsole for protection against abrasion.

Regular sizing schemes are used for the Saucony Hurricane 22. Runners are more than welcome to use their usual choices of size when vying for a pair. Nevertheless, it is wise to personally test this running shoe first to fully appreciate an in-shoe feel that is snug yet accommodating.

The sideways fit is affected by the semi-curved shape of the platform, as well as the form-fitting nature of the upper unit’s fabrics. Printed overlays and exterior padding assist in the attainment of extra security.

The outsole unit of the Hurricane 22 is made of Tri-Flex Crystal Rubber. This compound is meant to protect the midsole foam from the potentially debilitating nature of the asphalt. It is also responsible for surface traction, a trait that is essential for the running session.

Zigzagging flex grooves are fashioned all over the external pad. These elements are part of the design of the Tri-Flex. They make the platform as flexible as possible, thus accommodating the natural motion of the foot as it takes each step. The forefoot lift is the phase of the heel-to-toe transition that benefits the most from this design as it involves the flexion of the toe joints and tendons.

The midsole unit of the Saucony Hurricane 22 uses the PWRRUN+, a full-length cushioning unit that is made to deliver reactive cushioning that is also lightweight. In fact, it is touted to be 25 percent lighter than other Saucony midsole foams. Moreover, it offers shock attenuation, flexibility, and responsive toe-offs.

A Medial TPU Guidance Frame is placed in the midfoot part of the platform to make it as stable as possible. The arch of the foot is supported by this accouterment, buoyed by the firm piece. The overpronated motion of the foot is also averted by its presence.

FORMFIT is a system that involves the primary cushioning unit and an insole that is contoured to follow the shape of the human foot. The curved outline and raised midfoot support the arch and prevent in-shoe wobbling.

The upper unit of the Hurricane 22 is made of engineered jacquard mesh. This textile offers a cloth-like wrap that is similar to a sock. The seamless construction prevents hot spots and unnecessary layers from causing chafing to the skin. Obvious breathing holes permit air through the foot-chamber, thus ensuring a cool and dry in-shoe feel. Engineered mesh is a well-known technology that is used in many updates to influential series of running shoes, including, but not limited to, the Mizuno Wave Rider line.

Printed overlays grace the sides and the eyelets at the front of this stability running shoe. These synthetic prints assist the rest of the upper when it comes to providing a secure wrap. They also maintain the upright structure of the Hurricane 22.

Thin padding covers the midfoot and rear of the silhouette. The ribbed pattern of this feature helps in the attainment of a locked-down fit. It doesn’t evoke a bulky look as it blends with the rest of the upper unit.

A traditional lacing system is used for the Hurricane 22. The semi-round shoelaces go through incognito eyelets, connecting the materials and fabrics to a single end-point. When the laces are adjusted, the rest of the facade goes along, resulting in a custom wrap.

The padded tongue and collar of the Saucony Hurricane 22 are meant to protect the topmost portions of the foot from the impact shock generated by each footfall. These parts are also designed to prevent in-shoe quivering and accidental removals.

How Hurricane 22 compares

This shoe: 89
All shoes average: 82
56 95
This shoe: £150
All shoes average: £120
£40 £280
This shoe: 335g
All shoes average: 269g
79g 437g
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