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Notable features of the Saucony Ballista MD

Saucony Ballista MD saucony

One of the most noteworthy features of the Ballista MD is the incorporation of Saucony's proprietary midsole foam—SSL EVA. This technical element enhances the mid-distance spike's rebounding properties. 

Just like the configuration of other track running shoes, the outsole is outfitted with a Pebax® spike plate. This plate maintains a light profile, allowing the athlete to conserve energy.

Saucony Ballista MD traction

It also supplies much of the track and field shoe's grip. 

An XT Lite is situated in the heel of the running spike. It furthers the traction and durability of the shoe.

Saucony Ballista MD track shoes

Unmatched grip

Saucony Ballista MD pebax plate

For lightweight, flexible surface traction, a Pebax® plate is furnished to the outsole. It has 6 spike receptacles to house the removable pins of the track shoe. This makeup is intended for a versatile grip on the tracks.

Lightweight traction

In order to yield a robust track performance, aggressive traction is fundamental. This is the very intent of the Saucony Ballista MD's 6-pin Pebax® plate.

Saucony Ballista MD saucony ballista md

The engineering of the plate exhibits sturdiness and shock mitigation. In order to prevent drag, the distance plate sports a featherlight makeup. 

Saucony Ballista MD lace-up

To heighten the grip of the mid-distance running shoe, an XT Lite is added to the heel. It is made out of carbon rubber and is also present in the Saucony Showdown 4.

Saucony Ballista MD: A mix of comfort and energy return

Dubbed as Saucony's premium midsole, the SSL EVA delivers rebounding properties to the track spike. Because of the ample cushioning it supplies, this midsole foam permits optimal in-shoe comfort.

Saucony Ballista MD outsole

Moreover, it also helps maintain the durable construction of the shoe. The same midsole component is found in the Saucony Ballista.

Beats the heat

Saucony Ballista MD forefoot

For an ultra-light fashion, an open mesh material comprises the upper. Its perforations allow air to enter the foot chamber, promoting a healthy foot environment.

Sock-like wrap

It also features flexible qualities, providing unrestricted foot movements. Most importantly, this quality betters the security of the foot within the platform as the upper wraps around the contours of the foot. 

Saucony Ballista MD supportive fit

A traditional lace-up closure is implemented as the Ballista MD's fastening system. It allows for a dialed-in fit

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 108g / Women 92g
Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running
Features: Removable Spikes
Surface: Rubber
Use: Mid Distance
BRAND Brand: Saucony

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