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Hikers familiar with the Salomon X lineup can expect pretty much the same set of goodies in the Pioneer. There's its convincing sticking prowess and high comfort level, to name a few. This shoe from Salomon is also what you'd want to have on where the sun is in full force, particularly on not-so-demanding trails. And with its 110-dollar list price, the Pioneer is a more competitive option than most.


  • Quite plush
  • Above-average grip
  • Quick break-in
  • Lightweight
  • Protective underfoot
  • Breathable
  • Great odor control
  • Budget-friendly
  • Makes feet look slim


  • Slightly narrow overall
  • Laces come loose easily
  • Questionable outsole durability

Who should buy the Salomon X Ultra Pioneer

The featured shoe, a.k.a. the X Ultra Pioneer Aero, is as light on your feet as it is on your wallet. Buy it if:

  • You prefer to hike in warm, moisture-free conditions.
  • Instantly comfy hiking shoes that don't make your feet look bulky are what you want.
  • You're a big fan of Ortholite footbeds and the way they keep in-shoe odor in check.

Salomon X Ultra Pioneer buya

Who should not buy it

If you need a roomier pair with no issues about its laces, check out the wide Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator. And if what you're after is excellent top-to-bottom durability, consider the Salomon X Crest instead.

Salomon X Ultra Pioneer no

Comfy right off the bat

Hikers are convinced that the X Ultra Pioneer feels amazing straight out of the gate. "Incredibly comfortable" and "felt wonderfully right at the start" are two of the most convincing remarks about it.

Salomon X Ultra Pioneer comf

Grippy while it lasts

"I like the grip on them," says an experienced hiker about his X Ultra Pioneers. That said, it has been reported that the shoe's proprietary outsole tends to detach from the upper way too soon, with one reviewer calling the issue "unacceptable."

Salomon X Ultra Pioneer grip

Salomon X Ultra Pioneer equals barely-there hikes

Reviewers, including a professional vlogger, find the X Ultra Pioneer quite light. It "wears like slippers," says one of them. FYI: The average weight of hiking shoes is 380 g apiece, while the featured shoe weighs only 390 g per kick. Also note that, in the realm of trail kicks, anything less than 450 g is considered light.

Salomon X Ultra Pioneer light

Freshness in every pair

With comments like "my feet don't overheat" and "didn't make my feet stink," it is quite clear that the X Ultra Pioneer is yet another doozy summer hiking shoe from Salomon.

Salomon X Ultra Pioneer summer

Poke-free rides in the X Ultra Pioneer

An expert is floored by the cushy sole unit of the Salomon X Ultra Pioneer, saying that it provides "a lot of protection underfoot."

Salomon X Ultra Pioneer cushy

But its confines could be roomier

A gear pundit finds the X Ultra Pioneer a tad too narrow overall. He says that this issue is "the root of all the problems" he has about the shoe.

Salomon X Ultra Pioneer narrowa

The X Ultra Pioneer's slippery laces

One of the few misfires of the Salomon X Ultra Pioneer, according to a footwear maven, is its unruly shoestrings. He said that they come undone too often, forcing him to do a double knot all the time.

Salomon X Ultra Pioneer laces

Not a bulky look

The X Ultra Pioneer's profile has that slimming effect, according to a vlogger. "My foot doesn't look like a club while wearing these," says the same reviewer.

Salomon X Ultra Pioneer slim

For the thrifty trail-goer

On the pricing front, the Salomon X Ultra Pioneer is nothing to be sneezed at. Case in point: at $110 a pop, this super-breathable hiker is among the budget-friendliest kicks on the market.

Salomon X Ultra Pioneer cheap