Our verdict


Ultimately, this shoe is ideal for training purposes with mixed terrain. The comfort and fit of the boots are right on par, but improvements to the Quicklace and possibly a lighter version would easily make this shoes a fan favorite for those who transition from road to trail amidst their running excursions.


  • True to size
  • Superb comfort
  • Great for varied terrain
  • Snug fit


  • Heavy
  • Quicklace breaks easily
  • Early tread wearing

Salomon X-Mission 3 review

Salomon has a great reputation for making incredibly versatile trail shoes, so I decided to give the X-Mission 3 a spin.

I was most attracted to the X-Mission 3 because they encompass a multi-surface grip tread that allows me to run confidently knowing that my shoes will be able to withstand various types of running surfaces.

While running in these shoes, I enjoyed the slightly more aggressive tread/lugs than your typical running shoe. This shoe was great for runs with unpredictable terrain, yet still suitable and comfortable on road runs.

On a more personal note, I was very impressed when I ran on muddy and wet terrain and did not slip or slide due to the impressive multi-surface grip. I had no trouble transitioning from trails to asphalt, as this transition appeared to be seamless; the shoes remained comfortable on all surfaces!


The Salomon X-Mission 3 shoes have a breathable mesh upper and significant cushioning in the footbed, therefore allowing for a more comfortable feel while running even on the rockiest of trail environments.

The shoe features a 10mm drop midsole height which is a pretty standard heel-to-toe drop for running shoes. The shoes are a bit on the heavier side, weighing in at 250g.

I had the guts to run a few races in these shoes. I ran a 5k trail race in these shoes. The grip was perfect, but the sheer weight of the shoe made me realize they are best suited for training purposes instead of racing purposes.

Despite knowing they were pretty heavy, I even tried a road race in them, and they were very comfortable to run in even with the slightly more aggressive lugs than your typical running shoe. My only complaint, again, was heaviness.

Comfort you'll love right out of the box

Despite being “heavy” I never once felt like these shoes need to break in to be comfortable. These were comfortable right out of the box. This was a huge plus for me!

Salomon X-Mission 3 has a sensiflex fit which makes the shoe feel snugger. The sensiflex fit really hugs and cradles your foot and keeps it in place.

This type of fit is appreciated for both running and hiking especially on dicey terrain. Thanks to the sensiflex fit, I wasn’t vexing about rolling my ankles (which is typically due to improper shoe fitting).

Special features

I love that the tongue is gusseted which not only permits the tongue to stay in place but also kept debris from entering my shoes. 

Salomon is notorious for their quicklace system. This eases your mind about never having to worry about an untied shoelace.

The laces are adjustable and incredibly thin. Essentially the eyelet stays in place once your personal desired fit is chosen. 

At first, I was pretty confused about what to do with the excess laces but quickly learned that you simply roll them up and tuck them inside in the elastic-bound mesh pocket found on the tongue. It was pretty cool actually!

The forefront of the shoe even includes a TPU cap to protect your toes from injury if you accidentally kick a harder surface during your runs. I know it saved my precious little toes a few times kicking roots and rocks on technical trails.

Fits perfectly to size

I neither have a narrow, nor wide foot; thus I believe the shoe fits perfectly to size. Despite the heaviness of the shoe, it does not appear to be bulky and is quite aesthetically pleasing. I enjoyed the fact that the Salomon X-Mission 3 can offer a variety of colors for both men and women.

These shoes have proven to be versatile and beyond comfortable no matter what type of terrain was under my feet. There are many positive aspects to this shoe.

After only 150 miles, I noticed some significant wear to the treads which were a lot quicker than I had expected.

Possibly if the shoes were strictly utilized as a trail only shoes, perhaps the tread would sustain more longevity?

Also, even though I love the idea of the quicklaces, they are very thin. I had the misfortune of them breaking on me which was disappointing because there isn’t really a means to replace them. I remedied my shoes with an old lock lace latch, but the laces were too thin to keep the shoes tight.

Furthermore, despite the shoe performing well on muddy terrain, this shoe is mostly ideal for dry conditions because when the shoe becomes wet, it absorbs water, increases in weight, and does not dry quickly.